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Reel Review

The REVOlution Continues, Abu Garcia’s New Gen 3 Premier Baitcaster (continued)

Real World Test: After inspecting the reel and taking initial measurements in the lab I was itching for a chance to fish the new Revo Gen 3 Premier. We loaded up the boat and headed out to the Delta, Clear Lake and the O’Neil Forebay in Northern California to target a combination of Largemouth Bass and Stripers using a variety of baits and techniques. I paired the reel up with a variety of rods including Abu Garcia’s own Verdict Series rods as well as well as new sticks from custom rod manufacturers Dobyns and Phenix. All tests were conducted with Trilene Big Game monofilament and Sunline FC Sniper Fluorocarbon.

A look at the new D2 gearing

Casting: The MGX proved to us that Revo was taking casting ultra-lightweight baits seriously and yet the lightweight reel was able to cast even heavy jigs and large topwater plugs with confidence. So well rounded a performer was the MGX that though we knew the lightweight reel wasn’t really designed for targeting Peacock Bass it made it to our list of must-have reels on our last trip to the Amazon. To my delight this aptitude to cast baits at both ends of the weight spectrum has been successfully carried over to the Gen3 Revo Premier.

The Premier gets the IVCB-IV braking system from the MGX

The Premier is the only other Revo to leverage Abu Garcia’s advanced IVCB-IV braking system which features centrifugal brakes that work in a vertical fashion, unlike the traditional horizontal sliding systems on most reels. This gives the reels a complete range of adjustability and Abu makes it easy to make changes to any of 28 different settings with an external dial on the non-handle side sideplate. I found that when dialed into the mid-range of the settings I was able to cast everything from weightless rigged plastics to 3oz. swimbaits with confidence. As you would expect on a reel at this price point Abu Garcia also packs in all the “clickies,” and even the spool tension knob provides positive feedback and an audible click.

Mounted on a Abu Garcia Verdict rod and ready to fish

Retrieving: Some reels feel silky smooth while others provide that very connected feel. Higher end Daiwa and Abu Garcia branded reels often fall into that second camp, and the Revo Gen 3 Premier, while smooth, never feels like it is excessively lubricated and seems to link up nicely with the master gearing no matter how quickly or forcefully you crank on the handle.

The C6 Carbon sideplates are lightweight yet very rigid

The Revo Premier’s new gear system also feels very different than the previous generation reels, especially under load. This was very apparent when we put pressure on the line to turn largemouth away from structure or attempted to put the brakes on stripers mid run. The D2 gear design is designed to be more efficient while improving gear durability and the translation in the field is a gear system that feels more powerful. This is also a testament to how rigid the C6 sideplates need to be to properly keep all the gearing in proper alignment, and even with Stripers on the line there was no perceptible flex in the Premier’s frame.

The reel also features a bent carbon fiber handle

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