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Tool Review

The 2Handee Multi-Tool by Buck'n Beel Enterprises

Date: 12/15/09
Tackle type: Tool
Manufacturer: Buck'n Beel Enterprises
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.75 - GOOD

Introduction: At Bass A Thon 2008, Professional Bass Fisherman Gerald Swindle introduced us to one of his pet projects. It was a multi-tool designed by Buck’n Beel Enterprises addressing the on the water needs of fishermen. The aptly named 2Handee had everything from line clippers, to a hook sharpener, to a jig eye buster, to a crankbait tuning feature. He handed one to us and asked us to provide him with our feedback. After using this tool for over a year now, it’s time for that feedback. Presenting our review of the 2Handee multi-tool.


Introducing Buck'n Beel Enterprises' 2Handee Fisherman's Tool.

2Handee Fisherman's Tool Specifications

Length 3.75"
Weight 94 grams (~3.3 oz)
Tools/Functions Line Clippers, Knife, Sharpening Stone, Jig Eye Cleaner, Hook Remover, Crankbait Tuner
MSRP $15


The 2Handee (top) is a good degree larger than a toe nail clipper (middle) and larger still, than that of a standard nail clipper (bottom).

Impressions: The 2Handee Multi-Tool is slightly larger than a pair of large nail clippers. The differences here of course, are the extras that come with this multi-tool. Hidden within the base of the clippers is a large, stainless steel knife while attached to the bottom of the clippers is a large sharpening stone with a groove for sharpening hooks.

Another look at the relative size of the 2Handee versus everyday clippers.

The handle of the clippers is coated with rubber to provide an easy gripping surface, and in the handle itself are several notches providing everything from a jig eye buster to a hook remover to a crankbait tuning device. All this utility for right around fifteen dollars ($15). Quite affordable, but how well did this tool hold up to a year’s worth of use with TackleTour?

At the end of the 2Handee's handle are the lure tuners (middle of picture), and jig eye buster (end of handle). The jig buster tool doubles as a hook remover.


The handle itself has a nice rubber sleeve that provides not only branding for the tool, but a good, comfortable and sure grip surface.

Performance: Speaking of intended applications, performance of the tool overall can be broken down to each individual component.

The line clippers of the 2Handee...


... rated for all types of line, we had trouble cutting braided line with these clippers.

Clippers: Starting at the most obvious, the 2Handee’s clippers are the heart and soul of just about any fishermen’s tool because when it comes down to it, you must be able to cut your line. The clippers on this tool are advertised as being able to cut braid – not an attribute common with these types of cutters. We tested this claim out on some 50lb Suffix Performance Braid and some 55lb Daiwa Samurai braid and were met with failure. The 2Handee’s clippers were not able to provide a clean cut on these lines.


The knife blade on the 2Handee is cleverly concealed within the clippers.


This is a very sharp knife.

The Knife: Fortunately, with the sharp, stainless steel knife blade built into the 2Handee’s handle, anything the clippers could not handle, the knive feature of this tool certainly could. This was one tool we found quite useful both for opening new packages of products and opening citrus fruit while fishing.


We used it during snack time.


The knife is great for opening fruit...

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