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Holiday Gift Guide

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Part 2: Swimbaits and Enthusiast Tackle


Date: 11/29/15
Tackle type: Various
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour



Introduction: We return for part two of our Holiday Gift Guide and jump into some of our favorite categories, swimbaits, lines, enthusiast tackle, and some great tackle that falls into the "value" category to deliver even more bang for the buck.


Keiko checks out all the parts on the Travel Rod pick: The St. Croix Legend Trek - $529.99

Travel Rod (St. Croix Legend Trek) : Anglers who travel to domestic and exotic destinations are always faced with the dilemma of how to bring their rods with them on the plane. Travel rods are okay, but not really an option for the angler who prefers to fish with higher end gear. Sure, there are expensive travel rods out there, but none that we've found are made from high end materials - save for fly fishing rods of course. No, conventional anglers who've conceded the need for a rod that breaks down into three pieces and is easily stored in their luggage or carried onto the plane have always had to compromise on materials. That is, until now. St. Croix's Legend Trek series of travel rods are made from their highest quality blank, are styled conservatively, but look high end, and come in an attractive, and seemingly durable case. They retail for between $450 - $500 depending on the actual model, but could be everything for which your high end traveling angler has been searching to fulfill that enthusiast spirit. St. Croix Legend Trek rods are sold at Hi's Tackle Box, but you have to call as the product is not yet on their website: 1.800.737.5181.

Value Spinning Reel : Okuma Ceymar - $49.99 at TackleWarehouse

Value Reel (Okuma Ceymar) : A great reel doesn't have to break the bank, Okuma has proved that time and time again. The new Okuma Ceymar is designed for the budget conscious angler but doesn't skimp on performance or features. With a form factor similar to the company's higher end Helios reels the Ceymar makes use of a narrow "blade design" graphite body and ported spool to keep weight down to 8.2oz. (C-30 Model). The Ceymar feels smooth thanks to precision elliptical gearing, a computer balanced rotor, and a 7+1 bearing system. Best of all the Okuma Ceymar is an amazing value at only $49.99 at TackleWarehouse

Value Rod : No.8 Tackle Co. BlackOut Spinning Rods - $79.99 at TackleWarehouse

Value Rod (No.8 Tackle BlackOut) : Looking a good rod to match up with the Okuma Ceymar spinning reel? The stealthy new No.8 BlackOut rods are equally stealthy with a blend of high modulus 30 and 24 ton graphite with the company's high performance resin. The BlackOut rods may retail for only $79.99 at TackleWarehouse but you would never know it with the way that these rods look and fish. Anglers, and not just the budget conscious ones, will appreciate the tangle free guides with zirconium inserts and the minimalistic real seats that provide 360 degree access to the blank. The 7 foot rods can handle the complete range of freshwater applications and there are three options, Medium-Light, Medium, and Medium Heavy, all for the same great price!


Swimbait Reel : Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast - $399.99 at TackleWarehouse

Swimbait Reel (Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast) : Abu Garcia's new, Revo Toro Beast is all about unrelenting performance in pursuit of the biggest and baddest fish you can find. Built for poser, and high line capacity with a relatively slow gear ratio, the Toro Beast makes an excellent choice for that big bait fisherman on your list. But this reel can do so much more as well. It comes with three different handles so you can customize it for your needs whether you're fishing fresh or salt. The Revo Toro Beast retails for $399.99 and can be found at TackleWarehouse.

Swimbait Rod : Dobyns Fury Medium Heavy Swimbait - $119 at TackleWarehouse

Swimbait Rod (Dobyns Fury) : Dobyns rods makes some excellent swimbait rods and one of the hottest new sticks is the new Fury 7'9" rod that features high modulus graphite blanks that are performance balanced to ensure maximum sensitivity to the high quality guides secured with Kevlar wrapping. Fuji reel seats provide a secure foundation for your swimbait reels, and high-density Hypalon grips are both comfortable and durable. The Dobyns Fury swimbait rod is capable of handling a wide range of swimbaits from 1-5oz. in weight and the extra long 20 1/2" length handle makes it easy to sling big baits all day long. The Dobyns Fury swimbait rod is only $119.99 at TackleWarehouse but the hardest part is getting your hands on one with how popular they have been. All the other Dobyns Fury rods retail for 10 dollars less and the 7'6" casting rod is a good choice for swimbaits up to 2oz.

Swimbait : Basstrix 7" Paddletail - $10.99 - $11.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's TackleBox

Swimbait (Basstrix 7" Paddletail): Arguably the bait that popularized the "swimbait" craze for the masses, the original Basstrix Hollowbelly Paddletail bait now comes in a more traditional big-bait size of seven (7"). By all accounts, this bait is picking up where its smaller sibling left off. Can Basstrix keep up with the pending demand this time around? We don't know, but one thing we do know is if you want to try this bigger size of the original bait, you can find them now at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box!

Mono Fishing Line : Maxima UltraGreen - $11.59 - $53.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Mono Fishing Line (Maxima UltraGreen): Have you grow weary, confused, or both of all the different line choices available today? Or maybe you just prefer the low cost and high utility of simple nylon monofilament? We've been working hard re-acquainting ourselves with his staple of the fishing industry over the last couple of years and one line that stands out for its durability is Maxima Ultragreen. Yes, the line thicknesses are different, so you have to be conscious of that, but Ultragreen casts nicely and is a little more dense and stiff than traditional nylon monofilaments. It's a good choice for an all around line and certainly priced right. You can find Maxima Ultragreen at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box in spools of 150 yards to 660 yards for $11.59 to $53.99 depending on rating and spool size.

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line : Sunline Assassin FC - $19.99 - $21.99 at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box

Fluorocarbon Fishing Line (Sunline Assassin): Sunline is attempting to redefine affordability in a high performing fluorocarbon line with their new P-Ion infused Sunline Assassin FC. Introduced here on TackleTour with a full blown product review before you could even buy the line, we found it to be a great value and now it's finally available. You can find Assassin FC in weights from eight to twenty five pounds (8-25lbs) at TackleWarehouse and Hi's Tackle Box.

Braided Fishing Line: Daiwa J-Braid - $14.99 to $24.99 at TackleWarehouse

Braided Fishing Line (Daiwa J-Braid): Daiwa already had a strong following with their Samurai braid and they followed up the series with the new Daiwa J-Braid braided Line in chartreuse or dark green delivering the soft and smooth feel that the company's superlines are known for. Daiwa J-Braid is made from ultra dyneema fiber, just like Daiwa’s Samurai braid, and also features tightly wound eight strand woven construction for a consistently round profile. Each spool of Daiwa J-Braid is made in Japan and the company has done a great job keeping the price of the line reasonable at $14.99 to $24.99 for 165yd and 330yd spools at TackleWarehouse.

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