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Summer Buyers Guide Part 2: Hot Tackle for Warm Weather Fishing (continued)


Apparel - Shirt: Shimano is best known for their lineup of reels and rods but the company continues to make inroads with quality soft-goods. Whether you fish once a month or every other day it is important to protect yourself from harmful solar ultraviolet radiation and Shimano's new "Long Sleeve Vented Shirt" is designed to do exactly that.


Apparel - Shirt : Shimano Long Sleeve Vented Shirt


This shirt is designed to be cool, breathable, and protect anglers from UVR and has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of 50+. The shirt is lightweight and dries quickly and features numerous features that make it good for all weather including mesh vents for increased airflow and roll up sleeves with tabs to keep them in place when casting. This shirt retails for $49.99 each and is available at Tackle Warehouse in both Blue and Khaki colors.


Also available in blue


Apparel - Gloves: A shirt may protect your arms but for complete protection it is important to get a good pair of gloves for those very bright days. The Glacier Outdoor Dr. Shade gloves are popular among fly fishermen but many bass anglers are now finding these gloves are both comfortable and provide plenty of protection from the sun with a 50+ UPF rating.


Apparel - Gloves : Glacier Outdoor Dr. Shade Sun Gloves


These fingerless gloves provide anglers with the dexterity to tie knots and the polyurethane palms provide bassers with a surprisingly good grip on reels. These gloves retail for a very reasonable $14.99 at Tackle Warehouse.


The Dr. Shade Gloves are light and comfortable and are great for both fly fishing and bass angling, best of all they retail for only $14.99


Apparel - Sunglasses: Perhaps no other apparel says "summer" more than a pair of shades. While there are a lot of choices in optics for anglers Strike King makes a wide range of sunglasses that retail for extremely aggressive prices from only $12.99 to $19.99. Strike King's Pro Series is available in sleek looking frames with blue mirror grey lenses or green mirror lenses. These sunglasses are lightweight and feel solid unlike many other sunglasses retailing for sub 20 dollars.


Apparel - Sunglasses : Strike King Pro Series


They feature a soft rubber nose and rubber inserts at the temples for comfort. The actual lenses are polarized and designed to reduce glare and provide improved contrast and sharpness. For extra durability the lenses also feature a coating that improves resistance from abrasion, keeping these sunglasses clear over the long term. The Pro Series sunglasses are a great value for only $19.49 each at Tackle Warehouse.


Polarized protection for less than 20 dollars


Fly Rod: R.L. Winston rods are among the most sought after fly rods by serious anglers, these are the rods that you fish for a lifetime and can pass on to the grandkids. The company first introduced Boron rods in 1998 and is now on their third generation. The company's Boron II-MX rods are the stiffest rods the company makes and the stronger mid and butt sections allow anglers to cast in heavy wind.


Fly Rod : R.L. Winston Boron II-MX


This series is great for so much more than just trout and the ability to cast a long distance even in the wind makes the Boron II-MX rods a good choice for a wide range of species including Stripers. These rods are available in everything from a 3 to 12 weight and truly are "premium" with prices ranging from $695 to $757 dollars.


Fly Reel : Abel Super Series Quick Change


Fly Reel: Looking for a high end fly reel to pair with that Winston rod? Check out the Abel Super Series Quick Change, a aerospace grade large arbor aluminum reel with a silicon aluminum bronze drive system. The drag system on the Super Series Quick Change makes use of high grade cork drag lubricated with oil for a very smooth yet controlled line release. As the name implies the "Quick Change" features a new easy spool change system which requires no tools, simply back off the drag knob and push in and rotate the center cap and the spool is removed. The 5/6 model retails for $625 dollars and each extra spool is $280 dollars.


Waders : William Joseph


Waders: William Joseph has introduced one of the most exciting new wader products for anglers that fish in either deep water or fast moving currents. Slipping in a river can result in swamped waders and a very dangerous situation for fishermen. The William Joseph WST features an integrated inflatable bladder which can be manually inflated for safe wading or emergency inflated with C02. This device is not coast guard approved but it is great to see the company implementing safety features into their products. The WST waders can be found online and at fly shops for $299 dollars.


Conclusion: The Summer weather is here and it is time to get out there and go get the fish. Whether you enjoy finesse fishing or working topwater lures there's nothing like a day on the water, and catching a few fish in the process isn't too bad either. Thanks for joining us for this edition of our Summer Buyer's Guide... now go get out there and land those lunkers! 









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