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Rod Review


The Search for One: The 13 Fishing Archangel is the Very Definition of a Halo Product (continued)

Sensitivity: Ever notice how a light rod feels more sensitive? The Archangel definitely has this going for it, and the company went to great lengths to further maximize sensitivity. Starting with the blank, 13 Fishing employs carbon nano tube structures to create three distinct zones, the lower, mid, and tip sections, all of which are designed to deliver both power and transfer the most subtle vibrations efficiently. This design enabled the company to build a thinner and lighter overall blank, and these zones within the blank are then matched up with the Fuji Torzite guides to create what the company describes as “optimum rod curvature and maximize the performance attributes of each blank.”

Casting on the California Delta wind

By now you’ve probably heard about Fuji Torzite guides, and also know how expensive they are. These rings are designed to be 40% thinner, 10% lighter, and dissipate more heat than SIC inserts yet remain just as durable. In the Archangel rod 13 Fishing pairs the rings with Fuji K-style tangle-free titanium frames to provide a solid yet very lightweight foundation. So how does all this translate into actual sensitivity? Suffice to say my first day fishing with this rod I just could not put it down.

Check out the Torzite guides and the extremely clean thread and epoxy work

The Archangel’s sensitivity with fluorocarbon line is spectacular, I could feel every bump with structure and strikes from fish were unmistakable. Anglers that like fishing G.Loomis NRX rods will instantly recognize the type of feel you get with the Archangel. This rod doesn’t necessarily overwhelm anglers with vibration, rather it give anglers excellent perception of what is happening on the end of the line with the blank’s superb responsiveness. Simply put, the Archangel is among the most sensitive rods that I have ever fished with, and feels more like a finely tuned weapon than a fishing rod.

Now that is what I call a extra fast action taper

Power: The Archangel’s blank diameter is relatively small up through the mid-section so I wasn’t sure just how much power the rod would exhibit under load, but as our lab tests show it does have a very smooth taper, and we observed the deflection curve measuring out above that of our 2010 The Search For One baseline (GLX2000) stick and you can clearly see how the mid and tip zones take over under load. The rod does test under the MBR843C so anglers are likely to find that the Archangel will fall in between the well-known G.Loomis 843C and 842C rods in terms of deflection.

13Fishing Archangel AAC72MH : 9.75" Rear Handle : 9+tip Guides (Fuji Ti/Torzite) : Made in Japan : X-Fast Taper : Medium Heavy Power : 3/8-1 oz: 12-20 lb

Hook sets with this rod are also excellent, with the power transitioning smoothly, and the tip providing plenty of protection for lighter lines. During tests I caught fish up to five pounds, but it was a really aggressive smallmouth that best put the rod to the test. Once hooked the smallie charged the boat then 20 feet away did a complete 180 turn, pulling hard on the rod tip and reel drag. I found that the Archangel did an exceptional job controlling the battle and was able to turn the fish, maintaining consistent pressure at all times. Overall when casting I felt the rod rating feels a little closer to a medium than a medium-heavy, but with a fish on the line the mid-section helps the rod stand up to the MH rating.

Hard fighting smallies were no match for the Archangel

Performance Ratings for 13 Fishing Archangel AAC72MH

Pitch (1-5)
Cast (1-5)
Sensitivity (1-5)
Hook Set (1-5)
Control (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Features: The Archangel comes loaded for battle when it comes to features, which is what should be expected (and required) of a rod at this price point. The zonal blank design is a feature in itself, the grips are attractively tapered, and the metal components improve balance and are visually stunning, the Torzite guides are top notch, and the painted reel seat provides a comfortable and attractive platform for your baitcasters. All in all one heck of a combination of features packed into one very lightweight footprint.

The rod features EVA and cork grips as well as gold metal components which really elevate the rod's styling

Features Ratings for 13 Fishing Archangel AAC72MH

Grip (1-5)
Guides (1-5)
Reel Seat (1-5)
Hook Keeper (1-5)
Rod Sleeve (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Rather than employ a traditional split grip the Archangel breaks up the grips with a metal insert which also improves in the rod's overall balance

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