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"A-Wadda" New Colors and Configurations from TnT Baits


Date: 11/20/11
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: TnT Baits
Reviewer: Cal



Introduction: Our introduction to TnT Baits came over five years ago when we fished and reviewed their Wadda Jig. It was our long overdue introduction to a hand made, hand tied jig and we've never looked back. When it comes to skirted bait products, the first thing we now look for is whether or not that skirt is hand tied.




Up until recently TnT Baits was only making the Wadda Jig and while they've added many more colors than their original brown or black options, we were hungry for more from this manufacturer of quality baits. We are pleased to share with you, those wishes have been answered as the company now has two new offerings to their lineup.


The Wadda Jig is now available in 15 different colors.




Wadda Jig : First, an update to the original Wadda Jig - originally only made in two colors (black and brown) because living rubber was only really available in these colors, TnT has branched out and combined silicone skirt strands together with the living rubber to create more color options. There are now, roughly 15 color options to the original Wadda Jig. Still available in three eighths and half ounce sizes, the Wadda Jig retails for $3.29.



TnT now offers a football style jig too.


Football Jig : Football head jigs are perhaps the most popular style of jigs amongst bass fisherman. The reason for that? These jigs were made to fish in hard, rocky bottoms, and as much as anglers like to target bass in weeds, when it comes to deeper water for bigger bass year round, it's all about the rocks. TnT now offers a football head jig in 15 different colors from sizes three eighths of an ounce on up to one full ounce. Suggested retail price is $3.29 per jig.




TnT's latest creation is the Claymore swimming jig.

Claymore Jig : TnT joins the swim jig craze with their interpretation, the Claymore Jig. Designed to be more of a swimming jig than a chatterbait and can be fished like a standard jig or brought back to the boat like a spinnerbait (slow rolled, burned, etc.). It has just hit store shelves within the last month and is available in 9 different colors for a suggested retail price of $5.85.


Conclusion: TnT Baits may have been laying low for the last few years, but it's obvious they've been paying attention to what anglers want in a quality hand made and hand tied product. Rather than throw out a bunch of new product all at once, they've let demand dictate what products they bring to market and when. We look forward to reacquainting ourselves with their product in the coming months.









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