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The Tackle Doctor: Professional Angler Aaron Martens Details the Albright Knot


Date: 3/15/12
Tackle type: Line
Manufacturer: Multiple
Reviewer: Leo

When it comes to tackle on the professional bass fishing circuit nobody is more detailed than Aaron Martens. Because of this affection for the finer details in tackle and his ability to customize and mod his personal gear Aaron Martens is known as the "Tackle Doctor" amongst his peers.


The Tackle Doctor Series: From time to time, Aaron will be releasing videos. These videos will be the Tackle Doctor series of videos. Topics will range from anything from learning to tie knots to modifying tackle for increasing effectiveness for tournament angling. Aaron will provide his insight and unique perspective on these topics.


The Tackle Doctor Volume 1: The Albright Knot

"There is no question I get asked more than how I connect my leader line to my main braided line. For that reason, our first Tackle Doctor video will be on the Albright Knot. This knot is exceptional when tying lines of different strengths, especially light lines like Sunline FC Sniper or Shooter under 10-pound test." - Aaron Martnens




When to use the Albright Knot: the Albright knot may not be the fastest knot to tie or the easiest but it is among the most reliable. This knot is excellent for joining different types of line and even lines of unequal diameters such as a main line to a shock leader. bass anglers routinely use this knot for joining braid with a fluorocarbon leader for a good balance of strength, sensitivity and line invisibility. tied correctly the joining of the two lines is small and while not as seamless as a hollow braid to leader implementation will flow through with little resistance through guides during casts. 


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