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Gary Yamamoto Swimming Senko goes on sale nationwide
October 3 2006 5:17pm
Submitted: Zander


Well everyone, the Swimming Senko has officially arrived and is making its way to store shelves now. Russ Bassdozer has put up an introduction to the bait in which Gary Yamamoto teaches anglers how to fish this new lure. 

"The idea came to me while trying to solve a situation where fish were following conventional swimbaits, but really not hitting them, just following. Yet you could cast back at these bass that had followed the swimbait, you could cast back at them with a Senko, and get them to bite the Senko," observed Gary Yamamoto. That was at the FLW Tour season opener on Lake Okeechobee, Florida in January 2006. Both Shin Fukae and Gary Yamamoto had found fish following but not hitting swimbaits. It was a little frustrating, yet both pros cast back at these followers with a Senko to catch them. Shin Fukae won that event and $100,000 with the swimbait-plus-Senko one-two punch, and Gary Yamamoto pocketed a tidy $11,500 for eleventh place finish, using the swimbait to flush out followers, and the Senko to throw back on them to get them to bite.

The one-two approach was effective, but it got Yamamoto thinking to combine both baits into one. "Rather than use one lure to get fish to follow, and then use another lure to catch them, I just combined the swimbait and Senko into the Swimming Senko. It's a fantastic lure with the best properties of both those baits," says Gary.











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