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Factory Tour : Inspiration, Respect, Honor, the Motivation that Fuels Megabass (continued)


As for a higher end series of rods to achieve this similar goal within the United States, we'd very much like to do this because there is so much more we can do with a rod, but the timing has to be right. There doesn't just have to be a demand for higher end fishing rods, but there must be an ear for the cultural exchange we hope to communicate.

Back in the factory, we got to see a lot.

TT: Can you explain this cultural exchange you hope to achieve with your products?


Y.Ito: Our goal is not simply to provide attractive fishing tools that perform at a high level, but our goal is to change anglers lives. There is a common saying in design circles of form follows function, but in my view form must follow emotion. It is important for my designs to inspire and give anglers an appreciation for fishing as a part of life.


One of the crowning moments, Aaron Martens receiving a special, one of a kind fishing rod built by Yuki Ito himself to commemorate Marten's achievement as 2013 BASS Angler of the Year.

Katana swords craftsmen in Japan put their life inspiration into the creation of each sword so that these were more than simply tools to cut their enemies. They contained a design aesthetic and feel that reflected the weight of their purpose and separated themselves from mass produced, stamped copies. They delivered a sense of pride and inspiration to those Samurai who wore them on their sides.

Martens was quite surprised by the gift especially after Ito told him the rod is one of a kind.

Channeling this spiritual inspiration in the design aesthetic of my rods is very important to me. In Japanese culture every living being is a god - including fish. So Megabass rods are built with an aesthetic to reflect the weight of their purpose and to remain respectful to these beings.

The writing on the rod reads, "Congratulations 2013 AOY Aaron Martens. We are proud to support you, and look forward to many great years to come. Yuki Ito"


The hand carved, wood handle is also signed by Yuki Ito.

Additionally, my goal is to inspire anglers and have their lives changed when touched by Megabass so much so that the quality of their emotion will be uplifted. Fishing is about so much more than just winning a tournament or catching a limit. I want anglers to be able and enjoy each cast, understand the impact of their bait within the environment, respect the fish they catch, and ultimately, use something that not only honors their catch, but honors themselves.

Hard at work back in the factory.

What's important to me is not whether Aaron wins when he fishes the Orochi XX rods, but if he smiles when he picks them up. It's important to me if his children smile when they fish with him while using Megabass rods. I want people to think, “this is the extension of my hand that I never knew existed”. I need to make rods that inspire this type of self reflection and that make people happier. My goal is design to inspire because form follows emotion.

The great majority of what we saw were workers finishing baits.

Because of that, we managed to catch a glimpse of some awesome new colors in the works!

TT: Next to Japan and the United States, in what other countries does Megabass have a strong presence and what other countries would you like to expand into?


Here, foil patterns are applied to lure blanks prior to painting.


Y.Ito: Right now, we have good networks and demand in Russia, France, Australia, Malaysia and Korea, to name a few. Countries we'd like to further our involvement with going forward include Italy, England, and China. With Italy in particular, we were the first company in the fishing industry to be entered into the World Design Exposition in Milan (2010). This was a great honor as I have a lot of respect for Italian Design, and to be respected by designers over there for what we do here in the fishing industry, well, it is a source of great personal pride.

Yuki Ito and Yuskei Murayama sitting down to talk to their pros.

Next Section: Catering to regional anglers









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