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Rod Update

Zombies from the Amazon to Alabama


Date: 5/6/12
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Zombie
Reviewer: Zander

It has been nearly two years since we originally reviewed the Zombie 73 X-Heavy pitching rod and since that initial review we have spent much more time with the entire series, including bringing the rods to the Amazon. We take another look at this rod series in a long term update that explores just how well the sticks have held up to everything from fishing the latest techniques to standing up to Peacock Bass. 


Two years later we take another look at the Zombie casting rods to see how well they have held up


Zombie rods continue to be among the more obscure custom rod brands but have a growing following here on the West Coast. This is no surprise as the rod company was spawned in the local waters of the California Delta and the series has always focused on heavier applications like pitching and flipping.


The painted reel seats that Zombie uses have held up very well


The rods feature exotic styling that seems to channel JDM rods and the Toray blanks are adorned with everything from metal accents to painted Fuji reel seats and sculpted EVA grips. It is important to note that while these rods make use of Toray material they are not off the shelf blanks and are instead built to the company's specific requirements. We also speculate that is why there are only 5 Zombie rod models as it is expensive and resource intensive to not only design these rods but get the custom blanks built up. All of the rods feature Fuji SiC guides with stainless-steel frames making them excellent for all line types including braided superline which is popular for fishing heavy vegetation.


A look at the Fuji SiC guides after plenty of use with braided line


In our original review of the Zombie X-Heavy pitching rod we observed that the rod exhibited plenty of power but was not the most sensitive when compared with some competing rods. All of the Zombie rods also weigh in a bit on the heavier side but what we observed was that they actually did not feel very heavy in hand thanks to excellent balance metrics.


Each Zombie rod is fitted with a butt cap depicting the rod model


Since our initial round of tests which focused on bass fishing at the California Delta, Clear Lake and Lake Falcon we have expanded testing in an effort to test the upper limits of these enigmatic rods. The powerful attributes of these flipping sticks made them attractive for so much more than just pitching plastics.


Probably the most notable cosmetic element of the Zombie rods is the foregrip and metal flange


During the height of the punch craze we found that these rods could pull double duty as decent punching sticks capable of delivering 1oz. tungsten bombs with precision and also pulling out fish from even the nastiest vegetation.


The Zombie 7'3" rod in the Amazon

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