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Rod Review


Putting a Twist on Spiral Wrapped Rods and Making them Affordable – The Riverside M2 (continued)


The final and perhaps biggest factor is that “Twisted” guide wrap. In a traditional guide layout under heavy load the flexing line will come in contact and sometimes even rub against the blank. To prevent this many rod manufacturers simply add more guides, but even this has limitations in areas of extreme bend, like in the tip section. With the spiral layout the transition brings the line under the rod gradually so that less guides are required, reducing friction and improving the clear transmission of vibration on the line itself. This enables anglers to feel every contact with structure, tick on the end of the line, and strike. The differences in sensitivity are subtle, but they are there. I’d love to fish the same M2 blank with both a traditional and spiral wrap for an apples to apples comparison and explore just how much of a difference just the twisted configuration makes when it comes to sensitivity.


The guides on the M2 rod "twist" to the right, transitioning the line from the top of the blank to the bottom

In terms of power the M2 falls exactly where you would expect, and it really doesn’t even make much sense to look at a power chart with just three rods to select from. Basically if you are looking for an all-round rod (Search for One) rod in the Riverside lineup the M2 is the clear choice. More interested in fishing finesse plastics? The medium power M1 is the better option. For heavier reaction baits, small swimbaits, or power fishing and punching applications the M3 is the right pick. Uribe keeps things simple, and this is somewhat refreshing versus the often hard to navigate surplus of rod offerings in some competing lineups.


The Riverside M2 rod was great for fishing plastics but also felt right at home tossing reaction baits and paddle tail style swimbaits

Price and Applications: The Riverside M2 is truly an all-purpose rod and with the medium-heavy power and X-fast action it offers a nice balance between handling and power, and surprisingly good sensitivity at this price point as well thanks to the combination of the Toray & Boron blend and the Twisted Wrapped guide system.


We have been talking about price point throughout this article but it still might surprise you just how aggressively priced the Riverside rods really are. All three of the Riverside rods retail for the great price of only $109.99, a really reasonable price for a rod with quality components and the added differentiator of the well implemented spiral guide wrap.


In terms of warranty Uribe offers a no question replacement. It doesn’t matter how the rod was broken, all anglers need to do is contact the manufacturer directly and for a $60 dollar plus shipping price and return of the rod handle (up to the logo) they will ship out a brand new replacement, no questions asked.


A closer look at the ergonomically shaped handle which has a comfortable recessed area for the back of your palm when casting and retrieving

I asked Danny Uribe, Owner and Lead Designer at Uribe Fishing, what was coming in the future and whether the company will continue to fully embrace the spiral guide design or possibly branch out in future products. Danny explained that all the rods coming out through early 2019 will stay twisted but they are working on a traditional wrapped rod later in the year. In the near term Uribe also has a boron fiber based swimbait rod in the works which will feature twisted wrapped guides and is designed to be extremely lightweight and durable, and there will also be a new spinning rod added to the Riverside Series which will exhibit the same type of build, styling, and features.


One more reason I started to really like the Uribe Riverside M2 rod


Uribe Riverside M2 Rod Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Overall good construction with a seamless blend of blank materials. The reel seat feels decent and the ceramic guides held up well to a variety of line types 8
Performance The M2 rod didn't outcast comparable rods in our tests but it handled fish beautifully and proved to be quite sensitive as well thanks to the combination of the blended blank and well implemented spiral wrap design 9
Price An absolutely excellent value. Did we mentioned that every rod even comes with a rod sleeve too 9.8
Features The Riverside M2 may be a value priced rod but it does pack in plenty of features including a quality blank, high grade cork and eva grips, tangle free guides that are spiral wrapped and a bonus rod sleeve 8.5
Design (Ergonomics) Quality ergonomics including a sculpted cork handle and eva foam butt. This rod feels crisp and lightweight even after hours of use 8.5
Application Designed to be a bass rod this rod excels at the mid range applications but can easily handle reaction baits and even some light inshore use 8.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Light and crisp feeling rod - Though the company keeps things simple there are a limited number of rod options available today
+ Spiral wrapped rod with an extremely low barrier to entry. This rod performs well above the price point - Spiral wrapped guides are still somewhat polarizing, but after decades of debates more and more anglers now recognize the benefits the design offers
+ Blank makes use of a blend of Toray carbon and boron materials to create a durable yet sensitive feel  
+ Packed with features for only $110 dollars, including a bundled rod sleeve  
+ Surprisingly good sensitivity  
+ Affordable enough to get anglers to give the spiral wrap a try, and the Riverside M2 does not disappoint  


Conclusion: Uribe has a motto to “help anglers catch more fish at a price that anglers can afford,” and it certainly seems that the company is certainly serious about delivering on that promise. While spiral wrapped rods are not new, Uribe successfully puts their own unique “twist” on the design and the M2 rods both feel and perform like a higher-end rod than the affordable price point at which they are offered at might otherwise indicate. I personally still have a hard time saying that any spiral wrapped rod is really attractive, but over the years I have softened my stance on the cosmetics. The bottom line is that the spiral wrap does offer some inherent benefits and attributes, and while I’m not running out the door to replace my arsenal with all spiral wrapped rods it would be too closed-minded to not recognize what this guide configuration brings to the table.


The Uribe Riverside Series rods make it easy to give spiral wrapped guides a try with the aggressive price point and the performance and sensitivity make you forget that this is only a $110 dollar rod!

Ultimately I still think that many mainstream anglers will still have a hard time adopting spiral rods as they weigh the benefits versus the styling, but the way that Uribe has approached this challenge is brilliant.


Uribe set out to make a quality rod first and foremost, they didn’t try and make the twisted guide design scream “look at me,” and instead chose to make a stealthy looking rod that performs well and is offered at a price point that is well within reach of value oriented anglers. Mission accomplished.


With the Riverside M2 rod Uribe has successfully created a rod that not only performs well but punches way above what the price point might otherwise indicate, and at such an aggressive price it makes giving the spiral wrap a much easier decision

This aggressive pricing in itself serves as one more reason why anglers that are curious about spiral wrapped rods should give these rods a shot, and they absolutely should, because the Uribe Riverside M2 rod is a great place to start. The M2 rod delivers much of what you want in an all-purpose rod with above average sensitivity and for just over a hundred dollars this entire rod series effectively punches way above the rod’s weight class. If you are looking for a quality everyday rod capable of handling a wide spectrum of baits, and want to experience the benefits that the spiral guide wrap has to offer the Riverside M2 is a great choice, and a Best Value Award Winner!

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