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Apparel Review


Under Armour Conquers the Elements with Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear (continued)

Performance: It is obvious that Under Armour drew upon their previous experience in other sports to create the Ridge Reaper. This garment is designed with an athletic cut that is designed to provide anglers with more comfort, whether your hiking the shoreline or making countless casts on the deck of your bass boat. I found that the bibs were comfortable and sized to fit. The built in belt is a nice plus, and keeps the bib properly positioned at all times.

The Ridge Reaper feels light and easy to fish in all day long

Water repellence was excellent, and even in storms I remained totally dry from head to ankle. The hood on the Ridge Reaper jacket is excellent, one of the best I've used, and is shaped to provide a reliable shield from the elements but still enables good vision. Unlike many other foul weather hoods where I feel like I am peering out of a cave I found even the peripheral vision with the Ridge Reaper was surprisingly good.

One of the best features is the well designed hood which shields rain yet provides good visibility

The jacket also has a great collar that comes complete with an integrated mesh mouthpiece for breathability, even when you are fully zipped up to stay warm. I also really liked the adjustable wrist cuffs which never felt like they were inhibiting my hand motions, and inside there is an additional cuff to prevent water from seeping back into the arms of the jacket.

The Ridge Reaper provides full range of motion thanks to an athletic cut and polyester-stretch fabric

Both garments feel light when worn, and the 3L polyester-stretch fabric allows for real freedom of movement. Casting is a no brainer but I was impressed that I was able to hike and even run in these bibs un-constrained.

Fishing from shore with the Ridge Reaper

In terms of warmth the Ridge Reaper doesn't have a thick lining and is designed to be worn over layers in cold weather. This allows the garments to be used in a wider array of conditions, both warm and cold. There were only two days that I fished on Clear Lake when the temperature in the morning was right below freezing. Even with ice on the deck the combination of the Ridge Reaper bibs and jacket provided enough warmth and wind protection to run the lake at full speed.

I was surprised that I was able to run in the Ridge Reaper bibs pretty normally

Performance Ratings for Under Armour Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear

Wind Block (1-5)
Water Repel (1-5)
Mobility (1-5)
Warmth / Breathability (1-5)
Adjust ability of Fit (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Features: The Ridge Reaper Jacket and Bibs come loaded with a number of features. We have already talked about the adjustable pull down bib. Other features in the bibs include a hypalon kill switch attachment, the removable belt, knee high leg zips, and reflective branding.

Integrated mesh in the collar mouthpiece for breathability

The Ridge Reaper jacket features that excellent drop down hood and standing collar and comes loaded with storage including two chest pockets. two waterproof zippered pockets, and one internal waterproof pocket.

Integrated attachments can be used for a variety of tools

Though the Ridge Reaper cannot be described as a convertible or ultralight garment it is relatively lightweight for extreme foul weather gear and does pack down reasonably small should you need to travel to your fishing destination. It offers a 30+ UPF rating and because it is so light in color it doesn't absorb as much heat as the usual black colored bibs, making it a good choice for fishing in warmer wet conditions like those found here in California or in Florida for example.

Features Ratings for Under Armour Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear

Convertible (1-5)
Fastened Pockets (1-5)
Water Proof or Fast Drying Fabric (1-3)
Adjustable Cuffs (1-3)
Insulation or UPF Rating (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Design & Ergonomics: One easy to overlook but very important feature are the articulated arms which provide exceptional casting freedom. I've worn so many different jackets that feel tight or restrictive when casting, which makes for a very long day on the water. Not only are you not able to cast exactly how and where you want to but it tires you out much faster as you feel like you are fighting your gear. This is not the case with the Ridge Reaper Jacket.

The attachment can latch on a kill switch or a pair of cutters

The Ridge Reaper Bibs are also comfortable to fish in but at times I did wish that they were just a little bit longer, and even a little looser in the leg area so they wouldn't ride up when kneeling over. Overall fit really depends on your individual body structure so keep in mind that the bibs really are fit to size, and if you prefer a little extra breathing room you may want to go up one size.

Design & Ergonomics Ratings for Under Armour Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear

Aesthetic (1-5)
Oversized Sizing (1-3)
Available Colors (1-3)
All Day Garment (1-3)
Packable (1-3)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)

Application: Anglers in both fresh and saltwater will appreciate the Ridge Reaper foul weather gear. Under Armour built these garments with strong polyester materials that are even salt resistant to help prevent fading and wear over time. I found that slime and blood would not cling to the material and easily washed off after each trip.

The bibs are fit to size and I noticed when making big movements the bottom cuffs would ride up a little bit

Pair this kit with a good pair of waterproof shoes and you can stay out fishing all day long regardless of the conditions. The lack of heavy insulation makes the Ridge Reaper great for layering and a wider range of conditions. Conquering the elements will cost you however and the Ridge Reaper Jacket and Bibs are priced in the upper echelon of foul weather gear.

Overall I found the Ridge Reaper bib to be a nice piece of kit

The Ridge Reaper Jacket retails for $399 dollars and the Bibs are $349 dollars which puts the Ridge Reaper within the range of other premium foul weather gear brands including Gill, Simms, and STORMR. In comparison the Gill OS2 jacket is cheaper at $324.99, and STORMR's high end Strykr jacket is also cheaper at $326.95, while the Simms ProDry is a lot more expensive at $549.99 each. The good news is that anglers have a lot more choice these days, and if you are already a fan of the Under Armour brand the Ridge Reaper certainly lives up to the company's reputation for high quality athletic garments. 


Under Armour Ridge Reaper Foul Weather Gear Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very good overall construction. High quality materials throughout 8.5
Performance Excellent waterproofing and breathability. The Ridge Reaper also dries quickly and feels lightweight overall. 9.6
Price The price of the Ridge Reaper is a little on the expensive side. There are a number of competitors with cheaper offerings but the Ridge Reaper is designed to address the enthusiast market and has a price to match. The good news is that the performance and feature-set matches that price tag in most respects 6.5
Features Good overall mix of features. There are plenty of pockets for storage and the kill switch attachments are a very nice addition. The only area that we would like to see improved are the buttons on the adjustable bib panel/suspenders 7.10
Design (Ergonomics) A comfortable set of foul weather gear that does not feel heavy or bulky when worn all day. I was surprised that I was even able to run in the bibs and the freedom of movement in the arms is excellent 8.8
Application A great jacket to wear in both fresh and saltwater conditions. By itself the Ridge Reaper garments are great for mild and wet conditions and the jacket has enough room to layer up when extra warmth is required 8.0

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Excellent hood design on the jacket - Cost may be prohibitive to some
+ Together the Ridge Reaper Jacket and Bib do an excellent job keeping you dry - Adjustable upper bib snaps loose from suspenders too easily
+ Plenty of storage  
+ Excellent casting freedom  
+ This garment feels light to wear and dries quickly too  
+ Cool styling that isn't afraid to break the mold  



Even better than the Ridge Reaper bibs, I found the Jacket to be extremely well designed, and among the most comfortable and easy to fish in foul weather jackets I have worn to date


Conclusion: Under Armour has proven that they can deliver high quality garments across so many sports and is no successfully conquering fishing as well. The Ridge Reaper Jacket and Bibs are not perfect but for a first offering in the premium foul weather fishing gear category they are really very good. While functionality should be the highest priority Under Armour shows us that they can make fishing jackets and bibs not only perform well but look great too. The Ridge Reaper never loses sight that fishing is a sport and is designed and built to allow anglers as much freedom of movement as possible. If your looking for a high quality set of gear to shield you from the wind and the rain the Ridge Reaper will prove to be a worthy suit of "armour" that anglers can count on.


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