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TackleTour's 2010, The Search For One ...

Date: 12/25/09
Tackle type: All Purpose
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: It’s hard to believe, but 2010 marks TackleTour’s 10th year anniversary. We’ve been having such a good time bringing you the latest and greatest in tackle news and reviews it barely feels like one year, let alone ten! Then again, a lot really has changed with TackleTour since its inception. Our reviews grow more and more detailed every year as we obtain new equipment and more insight into what makes one piece of tackle more viable than the next, and the cooperation we receive from manufacturers throughout the world has really made the timeliness of our information that much more pertinent.


As 2009 winds down and we wrap up our Year of the Crank coverage...

Most importantly the questions, curiosity, and purchasing addiction of our readers is really what drives us to bring you the best and most complete, real world information on each product that we can. After all this time, perhaps the number one question we continue to receive from our readers begins with the qualification of, “If you could only choose one…?”

...we take a look back and realize, 2010 is TackleTour's 10th Year Anniversary.

The end of that statement varies depending upon the tackle topic whether it be “the one” spinning or baitcasting reel; multi-purpose, swimbait, or fly rod; maybe the one swimbait – hard or soft?; fishing line, or more specifically, the best braided line, monofilament, fluorocarbon, etc. etc. etc.. The list is never ending and just when we think we have a pretty comprehensive article put together, guess what? ICAST rolls around and the questions begin anew all over again.

With that in mind, it's time to address the number one question from our readers...

It’s clear that what consumers seek most, especially in these economic times, is a simplification of their tackle choices. Let’s face it, the market is filled with all kinds of product – a lot of it is similar and some of it is not. When one product is too similar to another, consumers want to know what are the differences. When another product is too different than the rest, they want to know why and does it really work. It comes as no surprise though, that the top two areas in which our readers seek some type of clarification is in rods and reels - the bread and butter of the industry.

... and embark in a year long journey, introducing TackleTour's 'The Search For One...'

Conclusion: Well, to help celebrate our 10th year anniversary, we figured it’s time to get back to basics and embark on a year long journey. Our focus will be to find that one rod, that one reel, that one lure, maybe even that one fishing destination that if all we could have is that singular item, “this” is what we would choose. It’s time to turn our attention to 2010 and TackleTour’s The Search For One…









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