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Lure Preview

Daiwa expands lure offerings with exciting new Team Daiwa models and colors

Date: 4/07/03
Tackle type: Lure
Manufacturer: Daiwa
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Daiwa continues to expand their considerable lineup of quality fishing tackle by releasing new models of their popular Team Daiwa series of fishing lures. We preview four of the newest families and updates to the Team Daiwa family of lures hitting store shelves now.

Impressions: There are a lot of hard-bait manufacturers out there, and when Daiwa originally introduced their Team Daiwa series of lures many wondered just how much a rod and reel manufacturer knew about lure design and manufacturing...well it turns out they knew plenty. The Team Daiwa lures are among the most diverse, detailed, durable set of baits to hit the industry. When you first look at the fine painted and brilliant coated Team Daiwa lures it is hard not to marvel at the very intricate detail that goes into each lure. These lures take an average of 8 weeks to manufacture thanks to the long process of careful construction, painting, coating, and quality validation. When they hit the store shelves anglers can rest assured that these premium lures are built to withstand some very adverse conditions and still look brand new after scores of hookups.


Lineup: While there are over fifteen different sets of lures available we chose to highlight our favorite four that can really be effective for big bass as the water continues to warm up this season. The TD lures all use extremely sharp "Team Daiwa Treble Hooks" that are honed to razor sharpness with a chemical milling process. These treble hooks vary depending on the chosen lure and come in protective plated, fine-wire freshwater, or heavy-gauge saltwater.


The TD Minnow's new laser finish make it even more noticeable in a variety of water conditions ranging from clear to cloudy

TD Minnow (MSRP $18.95):
The TD Minnows are the most popular lure in the TD lineup and new to the season are the ultra flashy laser finishes. These baits are among the best casting minnow baits on the market due to Daiwa's "Long Cast System," which makes these highly productive baits cast longer and more accurately then traditional lures. The "Long Cast System' utilizes a sliding weight transfer system that automatically shifts the lure's main balance point for maximum casting distance. These suspending divers can cover a lot of water by running at depths of up to six feet plus and a great choice for running alongside steep drop offs and points.


The TD Spawn is perfect for ripping quickly with a unique erratic swimming motion designed to trigger strikes

TD Spawn (MSRP 18.95)
: When fish are at their most aggressive the TD Spawn is an ideal suspending minnow that features a long and sleek body that is still able to be cast against the wind great distances with a higher density sliding weight. Once in the water the weight also helps cause an extremely erratic fish aggravating action, designed to trigger strikes from the biggest of fish. The TD Spawn is ideal for big game fishing and can be used effectively as rip baits for striped bass.


When it is time to imitate fleeing baitfish the TD Vibration is a good choice

TD Vibration (MSR$15.95):
The TD Vibration is designed to inspire fish on the reaction bite to strike. This lure is especially deadly when working the sinking phase of the retrieve and does a good job imitating a pursued baitfish. Once the bass sees the fish it can hone in on the target thanks to a unique low frequency vibration pattern that doesn't necessarily come off as strident to anglers, but is actually a very auditory note for fish.

The cup-shaped mouth of the TD Popper gives this lure it's substantial splashing action


TD Popper (MSRP 18.95): Fishing the top water bite is perhaps the most exciting technique a angler can employ, as there is nothing like seeing a lunker explode on your lure right before your eyes. Daiwa studied what would most entice large fish to rise up and strike a floating target and came up with a cup-shaped nose design that is wider and more concave then most poppers. This unique shape gives maximum splashing action, while the body's shape and weight distribution provide optimum casting distance. The TD Popper is highly buoyant and responds well to a variety of rod working techniques so making this lure look lifelike is effortless.

Conclusion: Team Daiwa Lures are not designed to be the cheapest lures on the market, but they are designed to be among the most refined and effective. With more and more stores carrying these premium offerings this season you can be sure to see weekend warriors and tournament anglers tossing these lifelike lures this entire spawn season. From our preview the new TD lures are definitely worth looking into. Built to last these lures are specially coated to take a real beating and function as good as new, and with the special extra hardened TD hooks you won't worry about that fish of a lifetime straightening out your trebles, or spending your Sunday's sharpening all your hooks.

Until next time....Tight Lines!









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