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Line Review

Sufix’s new G2 Precision Winding process helps reduce memory on the premium Elite fishing line

Date: 12/19/05
Tackle type: Line
Manufacturer: Sufix USA
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.80

Though many anglers always speak of rods and reels, fishing lines are another topic that deserves more attention. You can sort of get a feeling of how a rod or reel will perform as you handle them at a store but fishing lines are completely different and something you actually have to fish with to understand their attributes. That’s why we try to bring you the most informative line reviews available today by fishing different lines and then reporting back the results before you actually toss down a few bucks to buy a spool or two. Today we bring you one of Sufix’s newer lines. The Sufix Elite is a premium monofilament that not only takes on a new winding process to eliminate memory, but uses a high-tech process to build a better and higher performing fishing line for anglers.

Sufix Elite Specifications

Line type Monofilament
Colors available Clear, Clear Blue, Lo-Vis, Green, and Hi-Vis Yellow
Colors tested Clear, Lo-Vis Green
Line weights 4 to 100 lb. test
Line weights tested 4, 8, 10, 12 lb. test
MSRP $7.99 (Clear, 330yd of 12 lb test)


Not only does the Sufix Elite has attractive packaging, but from our results it's quite impressive

The name Sufix, though it has been around for decades, has finally reached its popularity thanks to the introduction of the ProMix, formerly DNA, and the Tritanium Plus. These two lines were placed on many angler’s reels and have performed exceptionally well for those who have tried it, especially the ProMix, which is still one of our favorites. Now comes the next generation fishing lines. When the Sufix Elite was released it quickly took center stage with its amazingly attractive packaging. Within the package is a line that’s wound on the spool in such a way it seems almost too perfect. We later found out that the Elite uses Sufix’s G2 Precision Winding process that virtually eliminates any memory to the line as you spool your reel. Looking further into the package is the new Elite, a premium monofilament fishing line that feels limp, slick, and without any memory as we take a few feet off the spool. If this line fishes as good as our first impressions on it, then we just might have a new winner.


G2 Precision Winding eliminates line spool memory and other flaws


G2 Precision Winding: Ever remove fishing line from the line spool and have it lay there coiled up? I’m sure every angler has experienced this – I know we have! Sufix’s high-tech G2 Precision Winding process virtually eliminates memory. When the Sufix Elite line is extracted off the spool, it lays there softly, and there you see the results of this new process by Sufix. Captain Adam Paul, Product Manager of Sufix Fishing tells us, “G2 Precision Winding is a very exact and slow process where the line is laser levelwound onto the spool. This virtually eliminates line memory off the spool. It also eliminates any imperfections such as twists, knicks, chaffs, rolling, or flat spots so when you spool it on to your reel it spools on perfectly every time.” These consistent circles result in line coming off and into your reel spool with near-zero memory, and that can mean a lot when it comes down to overall performance especially casting which we’ll cover later in our review.


The winding process lays line onto the spool almost too perfect


Lab Tests: During our controlled lab test we conducted various measurements which include tensile strengths and average line diameter. While we examined and field tested 4 to 12 pound test Sufix Elite mono line, we only conducted lab tests on the 12 pound test. First we look at the diameter of the line. We then stripped a few feet off of different spools from different locations and used our digital Vernier caliper to gauge the diameter of the line. The results were right on the dot reading 0.014 inches as specified by Sufix. We also conducted stretch and tensile tests with our machine both at dry and wet in room temperature as stated below.



Tensile Strength (Dry): For our dry tensile strength test of the Sufix Elite 12 pound test line in Clear, we averaged the results of five tests. Out of the five runs that were conducted the breaking strength was well above specified pound test with the top peaking out slightly above 20 pound force.



Tensile Strength (Wet): We conducted another test similar to the dry line but this time we soaked the Elite in room temperature water for 20 minutes. The results were expected where the wet lines would have tensile strength that’s less than when dry but still well above the 12 pound test specified by Sufix. The average breaking force on the Elite when wet is 19.94 pounds force whereas the dry averaged 20.22 pounds of force. We were quite surprised by the results between the dry and wet. With such limp line we expected it to absorb more water, thus breaking with much less force, but between the two the difference is merely 0.28 pounds.



Stretch (Dry & Wet): Aside from line breaking strength we also put the Sufix line through stretch tests. We started with samples of five inches of line at the test point before stretching, and again we conducted the tests with both dry and wet line. When the Elite line is dry the average stretch out of five trials came out to be 4.25 inches. This is stretch before the line snaps at the breaking force specified above. When soaked in room temperate water for 20 minutes the line’s elasticity increased with an average of 5.15 inches in stretch before breaking. Again, the Sufix Elite is a limp line and stretch is expected and comparable to similar lines of this limpness.




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