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Lure Review

Explosive topwater action produced by Strike Pro's Gobi Popper

Date: 10/9/03
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Strike Pro
Reviewer: JIP

Total Score: 8.92

Introduction: If you're a bass fishermen and haven't tossed top water lures yet, then you're missing out on some of the most exciting fishing action there is. Besides being absolutely thrilling, topwater fishing is an effective way to catch both largemouth and smallmouth lunker sized bass. Strike Pro introduces the Gobi Popper, a high-grade top water lure that's designed to draw scores of surface strikes.


Strike Pro Gobi Popper 65 Specifications

Type Popper
Class Floating (Top water)
Colors/Patterns 10 available
Size 2 1/2" (5/16oz)
Hook sizes #6
MAP $7.29


Strike Pro's Gobi Popper 65 is nicely designed and very detailed

Impressions: While the colors and patterns on the back of some top water lures don't play an important role in catching fish, poppers are a completely different story. Because these lures sit in the water with only the head sticking out of the water fish see the entire body of the lure when moving and at rest. Like the Strike Pro Classic Shad that we reviewed not long ago, the Gobi Popper is extremely detailed in design and construction. This lure employs Strike Pro's 8 coats of paint plus artistic hand detailing to give the Popper a stunning finish. Not only does the Gobi have a first-rate paint job, but the holographic reflections, realistic eyes, texturized body, and the addition of a skirted hook all add up to a feature rich package. 


Complete Rig for Gobi Popper 65

Rod Hookhider IM6
Reel Daiwa TDX
Line 12 lb. Maxima Ultragreen


A large concave mouth is one of the features that makes the Gobi a great top water lure.  Also notice the beautiful details on this Popper

Field Tests: Fall spells out a time where the fish often move into the shallow waters in search for easy prey before the cold of winter arrives.  We took this lure to various bass lakes to see how the Gobi performed in varying conditions and times of the day. Note:  The Gobi Popper can also be used for species like pike, muskies, salmon, trout, snook, and stripers.


Casting: The Gobi Popper is easy to cast even with a short 6' rod, my preferred length when fishing these type of lures. After each cast, remember to let the lure sit until the ripples disappear beneath the lures before retrieving, this allows fish directly in the vicinity of the lure a opportunity to strike what they perceive to be a easy target. The best areas to target are above and around structure and cover. Submerged or over-hanging trees/bushes are the prime target spots to toss the Popper, especially in lakes where the water clarity is good. Proper placement around structure will help draw strikes from fish just waiting to ambush easy prey.


The Strike Pro Gobi Popper sits in the water with its head up and part of the mouth underwater, ready to spit.  The feathered hook is clumped together out of water, but once submerged it's attractive


Retrieving: The retrieve speed will be solely determined by how the top water bite is. If you see bait fish breaking the surface of the water, a faster retrieve might work over a slower one, as schools are already being spooked by pursuing fish. But one sure way to work the popper is with a slow method three tugs, resulting in a rhythmic pop-pop-stop, then a pause. When the top water bite is slow, after you pause, wait for a good while before you start again. While the lure is stationary, the Gobi sits nicely in the water with only its head above the surface.  Sometimes with just a little wind blowing is enough to move lure and help trigger hard-hitting strikes. Then there are times when fish are on the reaction bite. You can retrieve the lure fast, breaking the surface of the water, creating a small wake, as the fish curiously chase the Gobi.


Depending on how you jerk the Gobi, it will breaks the water's surface differently, producing different types of actions


When jerked, the large concave mouth on the Gobi produces a nice "bloob" sound as it cups the water, spitting it forward. As the lure is retrieved, the rattles inside its chamber also transmit sound into the water. Aside from the audible calls, the eye catching brilliant color patterns and reflective paint help make the Gobi Popper a truly appealing bait for fish to strike at. While field testing the Strike Pro lure at Steven's Creek Reservoir, a lake known for trout fishing more than anything else, the Gobi Popper landed 6 largemouth bass within minutes of each other, with many more misses. As with topwater Frog fishing the Gobi will draw many more strikes then actual hookups. Due to the nature of the explosive attacks from fish it is often hard to predict or set the hook quickly, but persevere and strikes will translate into hookups.


The Gobi Popper calls to bass and other species of fish

 The overall durability of the Gobi is excellent. You don't have to worry about the paint being damaged by the fish. After many weeks field testing, the Strike Pro Popper's body showed no signs of deterioration. Some hairs from the feather tail did get pulled off during our tests, but overall the tail held up as well as can be expected. When the trailer becomes unattractive simply replace the hook with another quality off the shelf hook with a similar dressing.


Check out the quality 8-layer coating Strike Pro uses. At different angles the belly of the Gobi shows a different holographic pattern as light hits it


Similar to other VMC hooks used on other Strike Pro products, each hook is solid and will not bend easily. After landing many fish, and after unintentionally hooking branches and other structure, the hooks on our test lure are still as sharp as ever.


Strike Pro Gobi Popper 65 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Excellent quality and craftsmanship along with premium components 9
Performance Sits nicely when still and produces good action when popped or chugged. The Gobi is a very good top water lure especially if you're into bass fishing 8.5
Price A quality popper that competes with the top of the line lures but at a better value 8
Features Sharp hooks, dressed rear hook, a rattling system, and holographic layers of paint are features that  make this lure an effective top water fish catching machine 9
Design (Ergonomics) As detailed as a lure can be, this popper is designed to call and catch fish. A very nice pattern that's painted by hand and a contoured body that's balanced while sitting in the water 9.5
Application A top water product that's a must have for bass, but can also be used for other species of fish like stripers, pike, muskies, and more 9.5

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J Detailed design L Portions of the feathered hook can fall off as a result of hard strikes
J Premium paint  
J Explosive top water action  
J Fun and easy to fish  

Conclusion: Lethal strikes, explosive finishes, and heart pounding fun all describe top water lure fishing. A topwater explosion is truly a sight to behold, and simply awe inspiring for surface probing anglers. While there are many top water lures, few are as nicely finished as the Strike Pro Gobi Popper. The Gobi features many fine coats of paint, an attractive pattern, excellent detailed design, loud rattling system that calls fish out from cover, and has proven to be a distinguished performer when it comes to rousing top water strikes.









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