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Lure Review

Strike King Hits the TT Jackpot with their 10XD Crank!


Date: 1/18/15
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Strike King
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.77 - EDITOR'S CHOICE!

Continuing our coverage of the LOUS (lures of unusual size) phenomenon we turn our attention to a lure that's gained wide spread acclaim as the new standard in deep diving cranks. Once purview of the Norman DD, Strike King has managed to take hunting for freshwater bass to new depths. Today's lure of choice for those probing those depths? Of course we're talking about Strike King's 10XD.

Time to take a look at yet another LOUS.

Strike King's 10XD Crankbait Specifications

Type Deep Diving Crank
Length 5 1/2" w/ bill : 3 3/4" body only
Weight Rated 1.92 oz
Depth Rated +25 foot running depth
Material Plastic
Colors 12 (10 solid, 2 ghost)
Hooks 2 @ 1/0
MSRP $12.99


Quality/Construction: The Strike King 10XD is not a bait or product that's going to call to you from within its packaging or wow you with intricate details and paint finishes. It is pretty basic, yes, but for all its simplicity, it is very solid in the four quality control metrics we score. The finishes, though somewhat plain are very consistent with no excessive paint in the test subjects we purchased. Detailing, again is minimal. Hardware is very stout although the hooks are relatively light for a bait of this size and weight, and craftsmanship is solid.


Quality Ratings for Strike King's 10XD Crankbait

Finish (1-5)
Detailing (1-5)
Hardware (1-5)
Craftsmanship (1-5)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


Introducing Strike King's 10XD crankbait!

Performance: Rated at just under two ounces, the Strike King 10XD is quite hefty for a crankbait. You need to be sure and have a stick that can handle this bait and the latest in a series of eight foot cranking sticks seem to be custom tailored with this specific bait in mind. These include the Dobyns Rods 806CB, Phenix Rods X13, Edge Rods Black Widow CrankBait 806-1, and previously reviewed Megabass Ultimate Cranking Stick.

The 10XD with it's oversized lip is designed to hit 25 feet!

Castability: Tied to the end of one of these long, moderately tapered, smooth loading sticks, the Strike King 10XD can be launched a long, long way. This is exactly what you want with this bait to give it the best chance to reach maximum running depth after the cast. The bait's internal weight transfer system really aids in its flight as center of gravity is thrown to the back of the bait during a cast enhancing what should already be a good casting bait based on shear weight alone. The bait will still tumble from time to time during a cast.

The bait's line tie is reinforced at the back bottom of the bill.

Dive Time: The 10XD seems to waste no time getting down to maximum running depth. It requires maybe a medium amount of effort to crank this bait and you can feel it going to work even on the dive as it wobbles to the bottom. Once on the bottom, you can feel it grind away dredging through soft bottoms or bouncing off rocks and other obstructions.

The bills on all our 10XDs were clear and free from bubbles.

Retrieve Speed: Given how deep the 10XD runs, it's a little difficult to ascertain how true it runs at all retrieval speeds. Obviously, this bait is made to run at slow to medium speed retrieves and does this well. Burning a deep running is not an easy task, but surprisingly, the 10XD does not offer as much resistance as one would expect. Watching my line on a relatively quick paced retrieve (albeit with an Abu Revo Winch) I didn't notice any abnormally wide runs to either side so I think it's safe to say these baits run true at any speed.

Tennessee Shad reminds me of Ayu.

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