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Rod Preview

St. Croix introduces new 2005 products which utilize innovative technology and display exciting new designs

Date: 11/15/04
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: St. Croix
Reviewer: JIP


Introduction: In the recent ICAST show, St. Croix unveiled their new and exciting product lineup for 2005. This included an entire series of bass and walleye specific technique fishing rods that incorporate both proven and new technologies, and new details that are sure to catch the attention from anglers of all levels. In addition, the demand for St. Croix  rods have pushed the manufacturer to expand their Wisconsin rod-building facility to 70,000 square feet to meet the requirements of avid anglers. This move further enhanced their product offering with a substantial investment in R&D.


Look for these tags that indicate the innovative St. Croix rod building technologies

St. Croix Technologies: St. Croix has always designed rods to help anglers improve their fishing success, and plenty effort is put in on the research and development side to bring innovative rod building technologies to their high end products. One of their well known technologies originally implemented in their premium Legend Elite series called IPC has now become highly desirable among anglers. IPC stands for Integrated Poly Curve and this process creates tapers that are a continuous curve from the tip to the butt of the rod. This in turn eliminates all weakening transition points, strengthens the rod and increases overall sensitivity.


For 2005 the high end rods will incorporate both IPC and a brand new technology called ART, Advanced Reinforcing Technology. We currently don't have much information on this innovative technology yet, but will get you the complete story on ART in our upcoming in depth review on a contemporary St. Croix rod.


The new Tournament Bass series is extremely detailed and uses both IPC and ART.  Having a Tournament Bass specific technique rod will help any angler improve their success


Legend Tournament Bass: We at TackleTour were very excited about St. Croix's introduction of a brand new series of technique specific rods.  The Legend Tournament Bass series contains 12 casting and 3 spinning models. With an enormous selection, it'll cover any bass angler's needs whether targeting bass on topwater all the way to the yawning depths.  Each of these 15 rods uses St. Croix's IPC and ART technologies, feature high-modulus and high-strain SCIV graphite, Fuji Alconite guides, premium Fuji reel seats, super-grade cork, and come backed by a superb lifetime limited warranty and customer service. The retail price for the Legend Tournament Bass series will be priced around $200.


Model Technique Length Pwr Action Line Wt Lure Wt Rod Wt
TBC63MF Sniper Spinnerbait 6'3" M Fast 10-17 1/4-5/8 3.50
TBC66MF Jerkbait 6'6" M Fast 10-17 1/4-5/8 3.80
TBC66MHF Jig-N-Worm 6'6" MH Fast 12-20 3/8-1 4.50
TBC68MXF Top Water 6'8" M X-Fast 8-14 1/4-5/8 4.00
TBC69MLXF Drop Shot 6'9" ML X-Fast 6-10 1/8-1/2 4.10
TBC70MF Teaser 7' M Fast 10-17 1/4-5/8 4.30
TBC70MHF Sweeper Spinnerbait 7' MH Fast 12-20 3/8-1 4.90
TBC70HF Slop-N-Frog 7' H Fast 14-25 3/8-1 1/2 5.00
TBC73MHF Carolina Rig 7'3" MH Fast 12-25 3/8-1 1/4 5.00
TBC73XHF Big Jig 7'3" XH Fast 17-30 1/2-2 1/2 5.50
TBC76MHMF Pitchin' 7'6" MH Mod. Fast 12-25 3/8-1 1/4 5.80
TBC80HMF Flippin' 8' H Mod. Fast 14-30 1/2-2 6.70
TBS510MXF Skippin' 5'10" M X-Fast 8-12 3/16-5/8 3.10
TBS68MXF Finesse 6'8" M X-Fast 6-12 3/16-5/8 3.80
TBS69MLXF Drop Shot 6'9" ML X-Fast 6-10 1/8-1/2 4.00


Designed for Walleye anglers, this new Tournament series will make those presentations effortless

Legend Tournament Walleye: The new Legend Tournament Walleye series will have a total of 11 rods, 9 casting and 2 spinning. These rods showcase the same detail and quality of the Tournament Bass series, but have the perfect power and action for serious walleye anglers. The Tournament Walleye series features an attractive cobalt blue metallic blank with matching blue thread and satin silver trim wraps. Suggested retail price for these rods range from $190 to $220.


Model Technique Length Pwr Action Line Wt Lure Wt Rod Wt
TWS60LF Finesse Jig 6' L Fast 4-8 1/16-1/4 2.80
TWS63MXF Vertical Jig 6'3" M X-Fast 6-10 1/8-1/2 3.20
TWS66MLF Jig-N-Rig 6'6" ML Fast 4-10 1/8-3/8 3.40
TWS68MXF River Jig 6'8" M X-Fast 6-12 3/16-5/8 3.80
TWS70MLF Lindy Rig 7' ML Fast 4-10 1/8-3/8 3.60
TWS70MM Shallow Cranker 7' M Mod. 4-10 1/8-3/8 3.50
TWS70MHM Deep Cranker 7' MH Mod. 6-12 1/4-3/4 4.10
TWS76MLF Live Bait Rig 7'6" ML Fast 4-10 1/8-3/8 3.75
TWS80MLF Slip Stick 8' ML Fast 4-10 1/8-3/8 4.70
TWC70MM Light Bouncer 7' M Mod. 6-10 1/2-1 1/2 5
TWC70MHM Heavy Bouncer 7' MH Mod. 8-12 1 1/2-3 5


The Elite series now applies the new ART technology and a dramatic increase in detailing with minimal price changes

Legend Elite: The popular Legend Elite series is a hot item among serious anglers, but this year St. Croix redesigns this premium offering to make it even better than ever. Like the Tournament series the Elite receives St. Croix's ART technology that strengthens the rod blank without increasing weight or diameter. The rod uses the highest grade graphite blank with carbon-matte scrim, Fuji SiC Concept Guide System with titanium-plated frames, and an entirely new reel seat. The Elite now uses the Fuji DNPS reel seats/frosted silver hood with customized brown paint on spinning models, and Fuji ECS reel seats/frosted silver hood with the same custom brown paint on casting models.  A brown pearl blank is used for the Elites with custom brown thread and satin gold metallic trim to give it more appeal.  With all these new additions, the price range remains parallel to the previous generation Elites.


Legend Elite series arrives in 2005 with new attractive reel seats

Conclusion: The rods mentioned above aren't the only new 2005 products that St. Croix has released. They also have many new fly rods, spinning reels, and surf outfits for anglers that seek the right tool for their unique application. St. Croix made an excellent move by introducing an entirely new line of technique specific rods for two very popular game fish where tournaments, competition, and recreational anglers demand the latest innovations to give them that extra edge. The Legend Tournament Bass and Walleye rods are entirely new models and sport extremely elegant detailing while the premium Elite gets a face lift and meticulous additions to improve its performance even further. With such a robust introduction, St. Croix is sure to have other rod manufactures wiping their brows. Look for our in-depth reviews in upcoming articles where we'll be reviewing some of the latest new and exciting offerings. All we can say for now is that if these rods perform as good as they look, then competitors certainly have good reason to be concerned.









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