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Apparel & Fly Review

The new "Deluxe" Tulli Horizon Chest Pack gets tweaked with polished ergonomics and extra storage capacity (continued)

Enhanced Ergonomics: We were worried that loading our pack so heavily would make it feel as if a monkey was clinging to our back while fishing. Overall the pack does an excellent job balancing out the sheer weight and a newly designed shoulder suspension design helps eliminate any direct strap pressure. There is a layer of foam backing that helps cushion your shoulders, back, and chest from the inward pressure of any objects you are carrying. In terms of ease of use the layout of the vest is superb. You can zip up the vest to remain tight and compact on the water or you can leave it unzipped and adjust the inner harness to prevent the Horizon from swinging fully open. This allows you to access the inside of the pack with no difficulty.


Unlike traditional fly vests the Horizon offers extreme flexibility when it comes to adjustment to your outer layer of clothing. If you are just wearing a t-shirt you can adjust the straps so the pack hugs you tightly as you trek through the backcountry. If you are fishing in the middle of winter you have the option of adjusting the straps loosely so that the Horizon will fit over even the thickest gore-tex jacket. Because the front and back are connected via adjustable straps it is also possible to alter the height of the pack in relation to your torso. This makes it possible to raise the bag above the level where normal vests would be taking a bath in the river.

The fullback option turns the Tulli Chest pack into a full on backpack

We hiked through some dense backcountry during our test and found the Horizon more compact than a vest + backpack. Ducking under low hanging trees and negotiating brush was easy, and best of all we didn't have to make any sacrifices in terms of supplies. We noticed that the bag has a rather low center of gravity which helps distribute weight above the torso rather than just on your shoulders and back. Because the pack has no sides, other than the connecting straps, it also was far more breathable than a typical vest.


A D-Ring on the back of both the half and full back helps hold a net handy for landing fish by yourself


Durability: The Horizon now makes use of a 600 denier grade water repellent nylon composite. We found the material to be both hardy and stretch resistant. The premium material makes it possible to hold tools without any damage done to the internal layer. The mesh pockets are all reinforced so that they can stretch to hold various oddly shaped boxes. A lot of stress is placed on the connectors between the front and back units, so we were pleased to see a combination of robust snap connectors and adjustable straps.

We found trekking over long distances more comfortable with the well balanced Tulli Horizon

Price: The best place to purchase the Horizon is at SalmonGear.com. The pack comes in multiple configurations with both the half and full back, and the different backs can be purchased separately for under 25 bucks apiece. We highly recommend getting both the half and full back so that you have the option to outfit yourself for both short and long days on the river edge, but if we had to pick one over the other then we would go with the large full back which offers anglers incomparable capacity. For 59.95 to 84.95 the Horizon is cheaper than competing products from Wright & McGill, Simms, or William Joseph. While the Horizon may not be as sleek looking as some of its competitors, it bests them when it comes to raw storage capacity and upgradeability. We think most anglers will appreciate Sportgear's emphasis on function over form.


The Tulli Horizon is the first vest/chest pack that was able to hold all my fishing gear and a real lunch... no more chowing down on just energy bars

Applications: The Tulli Horizon is a pack that is ideal for all types of fishing. Exceptional capacity makes it possible to go fishing with plenty of tackle and provisions. We found the pack to be comfortable and easy to walk and fish in even when deliberately overloaded. This is a great pack for crossover anglers that enjoy fly fishing, hiking, and shore fishing for largemouth. The ability to shoulder 3500 size Plano boxes and even a extra collapsible rod make it possible to actually bring both fly and spinning outfits with you on your day trip. During our test after 3 miles of trekking I was able to settle in on a bridge over a secluded river and break out a complete lunch. Its times like this when you are able to relax and soak in the environment that its very nice not to have to sacrifice when it comes to hauling luxury supplies. For those anglers that want to be prepared for anything there are a plethora of options including a cell phone/GPS holder, a bear spray holster, a wading staff tether, hydration pack, and a matching fly reel belt case.



Tulli Horizon Deluxe Chest Pack Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The original was good, this is better. Top notch construction that can take a beating 9
Performance The Tulli Horizon ups the performance level with a better layout, improved ergonomics, and a capacity that would make camels jealous 9
Price Quality fly vests can cost 99.00 and up, so for 60-85 bucks the Tulli is very reasonable price. In fact the new pack is even more affordable than the original we reviewed 2 years ago! Better vest, cheaper price? This has Best Value written all over it. 9
Features Increased storage and a enlarged back compartment for a hydration pack make this garment into a full blown mobile storage solution. the new fullback has the ability to hold an extra rod tube 9
Design (Ergonomics) The Tulli Horizon features improved shoulder design, more storage, and more easy access to tools compliments of d-rings. Again like the original there is only one color choice, but we personally like the Olive better than the original brown 9
Application The Tulli is not just for fly anglers, spinning fisherman will find it has enough capacity hold essential tackle as well as full blown lure boxes. It is a great tackle solution for anglers that enjoy trekking out to their secret fishing holes 9

Total Score


Pluses and Minuses:

                 Plus                                    Minus

J A design that just keeps getting better L Not as sleek looking as some competitors
J Exceptional layout and capacity L May be hard to find in local stores
J Comfortable & Adjustable  
J More freedom of movement  
J Nice array of options  
J Great price  

Conclusion: Originally designed for fly anglers the Tulli Horizon Deluxe chest pack now addresses the needs of all anglers. This is a pack designed for any river or shore bound angler that wants to be prepared for every contingency. The Horizon is capable of carrying a large load of fishing tackle and supplies without negatively affecting comfort. Best of all a rich combination of options and exceptional adjustability allow anglers of all sizes, wearing a wide assortment of garments, to comfortably strap on the Horizon on in any weather. The pack is comfortable to walk long distances with, and doesn't get in your way while fishing. It looks like Sportgear did their homework, and aced the test when it came time to redesign the Tulli pack. When Sportgear says "Deluxe" they really mean it, and the chest pack doesn't disappoint when it comes to delivering a comfortable pack that emphasizes first-rate functionality above all else. Nowadays when I have to hike any amount of distance to fish the Tulli Horizon is the first piece of tackle that grab, as I no longer need to make sacrifices when it comes to transporting all my vital...and non-essential supplies. For 60 to 85 bucks the Tulli Horizon Deluxe is a great deal for any angler on the move.










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