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Apparel Review

Simms Sun Gloves are for more than just Fly Fishing 


Date: 12/02/08
Tackle type: Apparel
Manufacturer: Simms
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 7.83 - GOOD

Introduction: Most anglers wear gloves to escape the cold but on the opposite end of the spectrum fly fishermen employ “sun gloves” to combat excessive rays from the sun. These gloves are designed to offer protection while not interfering with line control, and we discover that the Simms Sun Gloves are capable of so much more than just protecting your hands when fly fishing.


Simms Sungloves Specifications

Apparel Type Sun Gloves
Color/s available Tan
Material 4-Way stretch breathable fabric
Features manufacturer claims SPF 50+ sun protection, blocks approximately 98% of UV Rays
Price $14.95

The Simms Sungloves protect hands and wrists from the harmful rays of the sun

Impressions: There is no doubt that the Simms sun gloves are designed for fly fishermen, and visions of fishing the skinny water of the Florida flats popped into my mind instantly when I first saw the gloves. This is one review I wanted to do, or rather I had to do. I was actively seeking protection from the sun as the many hours of field testing resulted in a pretty good burn on my hands and wrists.

The sungloves are comfortable wear all day, and while they are designed for fly fishing they can be used for many other applications

I had really started to notice burns on my hands after long trips in the summer. I routinely slather on plenty of sunblock but soon began to realize that my hands would get burned because the sunblock was washing off when I reached into my livewell, or during releases.

The Sungloves pack down quickly and can be stuffed in your pocket when not in use

I started wearing my old Kenai Glacier Glove fingerless gloves and that did the trick, no more burns, and the fingerless gloves made it possible to tie knots. There were two downsides however. When fishing spinning reels the gloves worked just fine, but when casting baitcast reels I had a tough time keeping a solid grip on the reels with the neoprene palms. On top of this the gloves were great in the mornings but in the hot summer afternoons the fleece lined gloves got so hot that they would actually became uncomfortable. I decided it was time to find a pair of gloves that would be light, breathable, and offer plenty of sun protection while still allowing me to fish with baitcasters.

Simms has designed these gloves with an emphasis on freedom of movement

I first examined the Glacier Glove Dr. Shade Fingerless gloves which featured a polyurethane palm, but was attracted to a pair of gloves from fly fishing manufacturer Simms. The difference with the Simms Sungloves and the Dr. Shade gloves was that the Simms product is lighter and features a completely open palm design.

Extend a long sleeve and your protected from the back of your hand and up

Real World Tests: To test the Simms Sungloves I fished just like I normally do on a daily basis, only with the gloves on. I decided not to wear any sunblock on my wrists or hands to see just how well the Simms gloves would protect me from the summer sun. I used the Simms sungloves when bass fishing and fly fishing during the entire summer.

The open finger design allows anglers to tie small knots with ease

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