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Apparel Review

Sporting the Orange and Black, Simms Premium Pro Dry Rain Jacket (continued)

Operation:  Before we encountered any rain I fished with the ProDry Jacket by itself and later combined it with the Bib just to see how the garments felt in general. Fishing with both casting and spinning gear the ProDry jacket felt light on my shoulders and arms and I was able to enjoy full range of motion, never did I feel like the jacket was restricting casting or the playing of fish. Also unlike many foul weather garments the ProDry jacket was quiet, and even when my arms came in contact with my waist the material did not make much noise as a result of friction or simply shuffling around.


Staying out longer on the water has plenty of benefits, including the opportunity to land big fish


There is an abundant amount of storage in this jacket, probably more than any angler really ever needs. I was able to stow everything from tackle and tools to even snacks in the jacket without it feeling overloaded. The watch window is an amusing option but I really didnít find it all that useful since in most cases I would wear a second layer, like a fleece, which would cover up my watch anyways.


Anglers can wear a watch and tell time through a window in the sleeve


The adjustable cuffs are excellent and helped keep water out of my arms when releasing fish or simply providing a tighter seal over gloves on those colder windy days. When running the boat quickly across the lake I found the ProDry to provide exceptional wind protection, and while this garment is an excellent shield form the wind it still doesnít provide a lot of warmth, so layering is a good idea for consistently cold conditions.


A double hookup while the rain is coming down hard


Let it rain, let it rain. Iíve never been so happy to encounter foul weather and the other anglers we came across on these particular set of field tests must have thought Cal and I were downright loony as we got increasingly excited as the storm clouds rolled in. With the rain finally coming down in sheets and the wind adding another factor of pure nastiness the other boats on the lake pulled out and even anglers on the shore called it quits. After an hour in the rain the bites were few and far between but at least I was still dry. Thatís when our host for the trip, Lucky Craft and Roboworm Rep Roy Gray, worked the bass boat into a shallow lake arm and we targeted fish right off the bottom drop-shotting Roboworms. Within the next two hours we caught over 40 bass between the three of us, and these were quality fish.


Thanks to our friend Roy for a very rainy yet productive day on the water


The ability to stay out on the water when there is less pressure is a real advantage and though the rain was coming down hard it really didnít bother me at all, especially when the bites were still coming too. When rain hits the jacket it beads up on the surface and a simple shake is enough to get the water off.  Over time if the rain is constant the surface of the jacket will become saturated, and while it becomes slick to the touch no water is able to penetrate the outer layer. At the same time this garment is also breathable and the hood does a great job shielding water off your head but is best used with a cap to keep the front edge off your forehead.  


Time to go home


After our time out in the field bass fishing we took the ProDry back to the lab for additional torture tests. We tested the jacket for abrasion and found the surface to handle direct pressure simulating contact with rough surfaces very well. We also were able to clamp the jacket down and test up to 8lbs of pressure on the seams, after which we retested the ProDry to see if the jacket would remain waterproof, which it did. Everything from the ProDryís zippers to the reinforced seams is built to take a beating and keep on performing season after season.


A cold morning at Pyramid Lake Nevada


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