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TT Preview : Shimano’s New Red Cumara Series Goes KR-Concept


Date: 5/6/13
Tackle Type: Rods
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander




Introduction: When Shimano first debuted the original Cumara Series at El Salto Mexico they were regarded as a game changing rod line for the company. The brand had already seen a lot of success with their Crucial Series but the Cumara demonstrated the company’s desire to really get into the high-end, and build rods that fans of their top-end reels would be not just willing, but happy to pair with.


The new Shimano Cumara rods leverage the HM-1 blanks first used on the premium Cumulus rods for a lighter and more sensitive overall rod


After the successful release of the Cumara contact series the company followed up with reaction rods that were also met with acclaim by both media and anglers. It seemed that the sky was the limit for the company and the next season they literally reached for the clouds introduced their highest end rod to date, the Cumulus series. The Cumulus rods fished well and were both light and sensitive, but were not only priced at the high range but some anglers panned the avant-garde minimalistic styling which lacked some of the character that Shimano fans had come to expect from their rods.


An easy to use open hook hanger is included on all models

This past ICAST Shimano unveiled the new Cumara redesign which encompassed everything from the company’s worm/jig rods to crankbait and even a rod designed specifically for fishing umbrella rigs. These rods are all immediately identifiable with a deep red finish, Fuji KR-Concept Alconite Guides and ultra compact EVA foam grips.

Each rod is finished with a laser etched badge indicating intended application

The rods are further made even more distinct looking with a metal cap positioned above the reel seat instead of a foregrip. Each rod is also finished with a red laser etched badge representing the rod’s intended application, which is recessed into the butt cap. To make identification even easier in a rod locker or on deck each rod is also labeled with the application on the blank.

The fin logo remains but the blank color has now been changed to a deep red, almost burgundy, color

We inspected all three of our test rods and found the workmanship on the rods to be quite good, and the silver threading on the guides is well done. The deep red, almost burgundy, finish gives this rod a distinct character that sets it apart from other Shimano rods. Will this color appeal to the mass market? While certainly more identifiable it is likely to be a bit more polarizing as well, but the rods do match up very nicely both cosmetically and in balance with the company’s own Core and Stradic CI4 reels, as well as the white Chronarch 200E reels which look good on the crankbait rods, and the smaller Calcutta D reels also pair well for those anglers that prefer round reels.

The new Cumara rods pair nicely with the Core reels

One of the biggest factors that impact the Cumara’s overall design is the inclusion of Fuji’s new KR Guide Concept. Unlike The New Guide Concept which deals with ideas that are universally applicable using many different guides, Fuji's new KR Concept is made possible in part because of particular design features of Fuji’s new K-Series guides and deals primarily with placement and sizing of new guides.

The Cumara rods make use of Fuji's KR-Concept that goes from micro guides to a choke guide and the stripper guide. With more guides there is less gap between each guide improving lifting power

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