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Reel Preview

Shimano blends Power with Weight Reduction with the Sophisticated new Chronarch D

Date: 12/17/08
Tackle type: Reels
Manufacturer: Shimano
Reviewer: Zander

Shimano prepares to introduce the much anticipated redesign of the Chronarch series, the new D version is a major departure from the previous generation reel and places greater emphasis on weight reduction and improved ergonomics without sacrificing power or refinement. We previewed the new Chronarch D and had the opportunity to conduct some preliminary field tests on the new version.


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Shimano will debut the new Chronarch D in January


Shimano has had a busy year and they follow up the recent revamp of the Curado and Citica series reels by tackling the higher end Chronarch line. When the Chronarch transitioned from the A to the current B version most anglers appreciated the added refinement and power offered by the new reel but some griped about the increase in weight.


Does it look familiar? It should, the Chronarch D is an aluminum version of the Core

The Chronarch A and SF had a strong following, myself included, and some anglers missed the understated elegance of the A and SF series reels, and while the ION plated finish of the Chronarch B effectively repelled boat rash there were many die-hard fans that still preferred the painted white and gold originals. Enter the Chronarch D, a reel that seeks to blend the best of both worlds all in one package.

The reel returns to a white finish with a silver two tone top section that recalls past favorites in the lineup

The first thing anglers will notice about the Chronarch D is that it looks a whole lot like the Core, it is actually dimensionally identical and can be considered an aluminum version of the Core. The paint finish on the reel is a combination of silver and white and recalls some of the colors in the older Chronarch reels.

The Chronarch D will have a line capacity of 10/110 and 12/90

The minute we picked up the reel and held it hand side by side with the Chronarch B the difference in weight was instantly perceptible. The new Chronarch D shaves a whopping 1.4oz. off the Chronarch B which puts it below the weight of the original “A” version by .3oz and below the Gold “SF” reel by .8oz.

The reel features a Magnumlite spool and S A-RB bearings

Both the frame and both sideplates on the Chronarch D are all aluminum and the reel makes use of an ultra lightweight A7075 aluminum magnumlite spool.  Shimano went to town when it came to loading the Chronarch D with features and preserved the powerful HEG (High Efficiency Gearing) with a durable brass drivetrain. While the bearing count has not changed (6+1) they have been upgraded to S-A-RB ball bearings.

Palming is identical to the Core

Cast control is courtesy of Shimano’s VBS system and is accessed through the same flip open “escape hatch” design as the Core. The Chronarch D also makes use of a Dartanium drag which is designed to deliver 11lbs of maximum drag pressure.

When casting the Chronarch D performs well across the spectrum

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