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Rod Preview

A specialty rod for kayak anglers, introducing the Quantum Kayak

Date: 3/16/07
Tackle type: Rods
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: JIP

Anglers fish from shore, boats, float tubes, and in recent years we have seen a huge growth in kayak fishing. At this year’s Fred Hall show in San Francisco Quantum introduces a new rod aimed specifically towards kayak anglers. The new Kayak rods aren’t even listed on Quantum’s website yet but we were able to get the scoop from our friends at the show booth.


Never seen before, the new Quantum Kayak rod


Three casting and three spinning Kayak rods are available. All are the same length but have different power ratings


The rods, three casting and three spinning, all have a length of 7’6”. At that rod length anglers can work the rod most effectively from casting to fighting the fish all around the kayak, and if the fish decides to run around to the other side of the kayak, a rod of this length will allow the angler to swing the line around the bow or stern with ease.


Fuji reel seats are used


Here's a Fuji spinning reel seat

Another design feature that comes in handy to kayak anglers is a soft and durable tip. Many times kayak anglers high-stick while trying to handle or land a fish, and rods have snapped in these situations. That’s why Quantum has designed the soft tip on their Kayak rods to meet the demands of kayak fishermen.


These rods have durable double foot guide frames


Even the spinning rod has double foot guides

Component wise the Kayak rods use Fuji guides and reel seat, and durable Hypalon on the foregrip and handle. Speaking of handle, the Kayak rods have a lengthy handle. The long handle is there for a few reasons such as leverage while battling a big fish and for those deep rod holders that kayak anglers utilize. The long handle will surely be of a feature kayak anglers will welcome.


Hypalon foregrip in a good length for a sure grip


A rubber butt cap is used


Check out this long handle


Conclusion: Today there is almost a rod for every application an angler can think of, and as kayak fishing grows there will be rods made for these group of fisherman. Quantum is the first or one of the very first manufactures to introduce a kayak specific rod. The Kayak series rods are designed for kayak anglers with specifications to meet their needs on the water. Three in cast and three in spinning, these rods have some nice features that will come highly advantageous to angling from a kayak. Some more details on these rods: Medium (6-12 lb), Medium-Heavy (8-15 lb), and Heavy (10-20 lb). These rods will be available shortly and will retail for only $99.95.









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