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Reel & Rod Preview

New and Improved... Be the first to see new 2006 products by the Zebco/Quantum family (continued)

Totally Redesigned Spinning Reels: The Quantum spinning reels have really taken off since the introduction of the Catalyst PTi and Kinetic PTi which utilized the first generation fail-proof TiMAG system.  Redesigned for 2006, the Energy PTi, Catalyst PTi, and Kinetic PTi makes use of the improved TiMAG III titanium bail with magnetic bail trip mechanism. This system has more powerful magnets for greater performance along with sure reliability. New to these popular spinning reels is the Line Management System (LMS) which contains Quantum's Rocket Roller and Pocket Rotor which controls and eliminates the hassles associated with traditional line rollers and bail designs, ultimately translating into reduced line twists and smoother casts.


The Kinetic PTi also gets an upgrade with the next generation PT advances. The tiny ultralight XPS spinning reel also receives improvements


Ultralight anglers aren't left out of the 2006 line up. From initial impressions this reel will be adored in the hands of trout and finesse anglers. This coming year you will be able to obtain the totally redesigned Xtralite XPS spinning reel. This tiny reel, weighs in at only 6.1 ounces, has 6 quality bearings, a true Continuous Anti-Reverse system, and a fully machined handle with a unique wooden crank knob.


Performance Tuned Saltwater Baitcaster: A low-profile saltwater reel?!? Yup! For 2006 Quantum will introduce their first true saltwater specific baitcast reel. The Accurist PT saltwater reel will have Quantum's rugged 6-layer Saltgard corrosion protective finish. In addition all the critical components will make use of stainless steel for greater long-term durability. This baitcast reel will have a 6.2:1 gear ratio with a line capacity of 150 yards of 12 pound test line, making it applicable for many inshore species.


Saltwater specific, the Accurist PT Saltwater uses stainless steel components

New rods:
 Anglers are going to love this new series of rods. For years Quantum have been building highly customized rods for each of their top pros. The new Tour Edition PT Signature Series rods are designed to perfectly match each pro's style and favorite technique that ranges from finesse fishing to running reaction lures, and now are going to be made available to everyone.


Originally designed for Quantum's Pro Staff, the specific technique rods are now available to everyone


Saltwater anglers will also find rods to add to their arsenal. The 2006 Boca PTs rods come in both inshore and offshore models. These rods will use lightweight IM7 graphite along with Fuji Hardloy guides and various reel seats for different models.


Boca PTs rods are a whole new series for the Quantum Saltwater line of products


Conclusion: This is the time of the year where we bring you some of the most exciting news about upcoming products for the near future, and from our findings, the new 2006 Zebco/Quantum products are especially notable. The new and redesigned reels are all very exciting and improved, using the latest next generation of proprietary Quantum Performance Tuned technologies. Zebco/Quantum is one of the fastest growing tackle manufacturers, and a big reason why is that the company continues to improve and diversify their complete range of offerings. From the looks of the company's 2006 lineup it looks like they are poised to bring the term "Performance Tuned" to a whole new level.











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