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Tackle Storage Review

Get to fishing faster with the convenient PolePack rod and reel combo carrier

Date: 12/27/05
Tackle type: Tackle Storage
Manufacturer: PolePack
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 8.66

Introduction: When you spend so much money on high quality rod & reel outfits it only makes sense to protect them. That's why Pablo Ramirez designed the Pole Pack. This protective carrier allows you to carry your combos to and from your destination, keeping your hands free to carry your tackle box or cooler to the water's edge or your boat.

PolePack Specifications

Size/s 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet lengths
Materials Plastic Coated Cordura type Polyester
Storage Compartments 2 Enclosed (Divided into 3 sections for multiple combos)
Water Resistant Yes
Color Blue (Pocket color varies depending on size of PolePack)
Price as tested $24.99-32.49 (depending on size)

About PolePack: PolePack is a local company, and by local I mean just 30 minutes away from TackleTour HQ. Based in San Francisco, California, this up and coming tackle storage manufacturer is the brainchild of Pablo Ramirez. We first met Pablo nearly two years ago when his products were first being introduced at the International Sportsmen's Expo in January 2004. Since then the company has grown and the quality of the PolePack has improved. It is no surprise that such a product was born out here in the Bay Area. With so many anglers taking advantage of the ocean in our backyard via surf fishing, pier fishing, or charter boats a quality rod carrier is a excellent invention for any angler on the go.


Carry multiple rods and reel combos? The PolePack is designed to carry up to three in one convenient easy to use protective bag


TackleTour readers know all about quality tackle. "With the value of rod combos easily topping $300 each, the next logical step is protection of those sport equipment investments." Says, Pablo Ramirez, designer of the Pole Pack, "Tennis rackets, baseball bats, golf clubs, even pool cue sticks have appropriate carrying cases, well now, so do fishermen's fishing rods." There are other rod carriers out there, some soft, some hard, others just a number of straps binding rods together, so what sets the PolePack apart?


A close-up of the pronounced rubber "PolePack" logo


When we took a closer look at the PolePack we find a more refined product than we once thought. The PolePack now proudly brandishes the company's logo sewed on the lower portion of the bag. The bag features oversized weather resistant zippers, and the inside of the bag is divided with two rubberized flaps, with Cordora borders to give the flaps more weight on the edges. These flaps extend all the way up the entire bag, which helps divide up three combos completely separate from one another from grip to tip. Finally on the outside of the bag is an oversized easy access pouch for additional tackle storage.


The PolePack frees up your hands since it can be carried over your arm like a rifle


Real World Test: Testing the PolePack required transporting rods and fishing a number of different ways. We ended up fishing for bass from the shore, on our Boston Whaler, pier fishing, and on a Tuna charter. It is important to note that PolePack makes the bag in five different sizes ranging from 5 feet to 9 feet in length. While we primarily tested the 7 foot length picking the right bag for your preferred application is key to carrying your personal combos. The five foot length is good for 9-10 foot two piece rod combos. The six foot model is good for 11-12 foot breakdown rods, this is the right model for most surf outfits. The 7 foot model we tested is designed for boat rod combos or one piece bass rods. The 8 and 9 foot models are designed primarily for larger one piece big game boat rod combos. This would include combos commonly used for tuna, salmon, and deep jigging.


A rubberized flap with a Cordura lining separates combos from one another helping prevent scratches during transport

Loading Up:
While it is possible to carry more than three outfits in the PolePack three really is the maximum if you want to keep your rods and reels completely separate from one another. If you are protecting expensive rods and reels then three is definitely the most you will want to carry. You could always shove another backup rod without a reel into the one of the sections without much added risk of damaging your other outfits. Loading up the PolePack is as easy as placing your outfit into the open bag and fastening two Velcro straps over the rod. One Velcro strap is located at the lower handle section, right below the reel seat on most rods, the other is located about halfway up the length of the rod blank. With the two secured your rod will not fall out of the PolePack even if the bag is held open and suspended.


The bag relies on the rods for structure. This makes the bag very lightweight and easy to store when not in use, but doesn't offer crush protection

Repeat this procedure for your other two rods. The PolePack works just as well with one rod as it does with three. As we mentioned earlier, each combo is separated via a rubberized flap. In our tests we found the flap effective at protecting the reels from scratching one another when they came in contact during transport. This is the case with both casting and spinning rods. If you holster three spinning rods in the bag its a good idea to fold down the break away handles so that the handles do not overly stick out. Once you have your outfits loaded simply zip the bag up and you are ready to hit the road....or the water.


Two Velcro straps, one at the base of the bag secures the handle grip and another mid way up the length of the rod (shown) secures the blank


Ergonomics: One of the major benefits of the PolePack is that it is a light bag. Since it has no rigid structure it can be folded up and stowed when not in use. When holding three rods the only weight you are really carrying are your combos, and because you are able to sling the bag over your shoulder like a rifle the combos are undemanding to carry over longer distances. Overall the bag features first-class ergonomics. The zippers are all oversized making them easy to open and close without jamming. The shoulder strap is straightforward to adjust and a soft rubber pad helps lessen the burden on your shoulder so it doesn't feel like a strap is digging in. This is especially nice the first time you use the PolePack to carry three two-speed Tuna outfits, which can really add up in weight. The nicest thing about the PolePack is that it frees up your hands. No more fumbling around trying to do a balancing act between multiple outfits, your tackle bag, and your cooler. With the PolePack all you need is one trip from your car to your boat or to claim your real estate on the local pier.


A shoulder pad improves comfort, especially when the bag is loaded with heavy offshore combos


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