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Event Article: Pros and Press on Pardee Lake

Rain or Shine the Smallies come out for the Pros on Pardee Lake (continued)


5 AM, Time to get to fishing: After a few solid hours of rest we head to Pardee which was only twenty minutes from the parking lot to the launch ramp from Jackson Rancheria. One by one the pros pulled in with their rigs and lined up for inspection. A recent change in the law requires all bass boats to be inspected to prevent the transfer of invasive Zebra Mussels into the lakes managed by East Bay Mud (municipal utility district).


Kent keeps things organized as the boats are inspected


Unfortunately boats registered in certain areas of the California are not allowed to launch in Pardee at all, and this contains the Santa Clara County which includes some of our own TT staff boats.  Be sure to check the current rules and regulations for your own area before heading to Pardee.


The pros line up to launch at first light

After the boats were inspected we loaded up our test gear and waited eagerly for first light. I spent the first half of the day with Dean McDaniel and the second half with John Maes, both of which are Ranger pros. Cal being the swimbait extremist spent the first half of the day with Don Pedro big bait pro angler Bub Tosh.


Bub Tosh heads out with Cal

Dean and I were one of the first ones out of the Marina, and head straight for a spot right around the bend. He turned to me and explained that his strength was jig fishing, but was willing to try anything. At which point he pulled out a Lucky Craft Staysee and cast towards the bank.

Zander is paired with Dean McDaniel, who catches a largemouth on his first cast on a Lucky Craft jerkbait

Pop, pop, stop…and Dean bent over to adjust his trolling motor setting when a fish slammed his lure, and within seconds we had a 2lb largemouth in the boat. “Boy I wish that wasn’t my first cast,” Dean exclaimed “Every time it happens like that the rest of the day goes slow.”

Kent Brown and Tony Stoltz from Westernbass fish the bank


The next hour we spent deep cranking and popping jerkbaits, and didn’t get so much as a strike. Dean explained “told you, I knew that I caught the one stupid fish in the whole lake.” We moved across the lake and we both decided it was time to mix things up and go deep.


Bub busts out the big stick and tosses some swimbaits


In 30-40 feet of water we ran jigs across rocky points. In less than ten minutes Dean was on quality structure and rewarded with an awesome strike. I heard the drag go at the same time he yelled “going to need the net on this one!”


Pardee was about 12 feet lower than average, and many points were exposed


Next Section: Dean has a hawg on the line!









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