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Featured Article: Show Coverage

A Peek into Japan's International Sportfishing Show 2007

Date: 2/13/06
Location: Osaka, Japan
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: No event in the Western world, gets those of us interested in fishing tackle more excited than ICAST, THE event in North America where manufacturers showcase their latest and greatest products for the coming year. But before ICAST, at the beginning of each year, in Japan, a similar debut takes place, and for the Enthusiasts, those who are convinced the grass is always greener, this is THE event showcasing the latest innovations, and most exciting trends in the tackle industry. This year, with the help of some our international friends, we're able to bring you some sneak peaks as to what's brewing in the Far East.

Evergreen International is considered the number one rod manufacturer in Japan

Unlike ICAST, the Japan Tackle shows in Osaka and Yokohama are open to the general public

New lures from Evergreen

A new, large, deep diving jerkbait from Evergreen

The swimbait bug is definitely alive and well in Japan

Evergreen jumps on the frog bait craze with their eccentric creation

Daiwa had a huge presense at the Osaka show

New for 2007, a special edition Certate

Old school industrial meets new fangled Real Four technology

Available in several different sizes

Custom colors and custom parts for the Certate

Note the knob, machined handle, and gold trim pieces

A special edition red Certate

More custom parts including internals

The custom vintage Certate outfitted with special trim parts and a power knob

Could this be a custom tailored carbon handle for the Steez and Exist?

A high-tech looking Zillion!

Aftermarket I'ZE spools will be available for the Zillion (shown here) and Steez

The Daiwa Morethan

Yes, that's carbon fiber trim you see on the spool

2007 brings us a new Megabass + Daiwa Collaborative Reel

Perhaps available in two colors, the Ito Monoblock 100 may not be compatible with just any rod. Reports are rods are being developed in conjunction with the reels and that the reels will be fastened to the custom rods with screws or rivets. Will they hold true to this intent or will plans change once production starts. As we've come to learn from Megabass and Daiwa, anything is possible.

More interesting lures from the world of Megabass

ZPI continues in their aftermarket reel parts offerings

Check out the carbon fiber drag stars!


Do these lures look familar?

Ringing any bells?

Yes, Rapala had a presence in Japan introducing some very familiar and some new products to Japanese fisherman.

Fish Arrow continues to build fantastic looking baits

We saw the Cover Jack at ICAST 2006

At the Shimano booth, it was all about the Stella

It's obvious the new Stella has an even more aggressive spool design than its predecessor

Another big player, we are told, was Deps

Nories is a very popular company in Japan as well

Recognize these sticks? The Nories Road Runner was one of our players in the 2006 SuperCast Shootout

Our HB680M may not have faired too well in the shootout, but look for more in 2007

Gan Craft is a company in Japan that obviously pushes the boundaries of convention. How many US companies would have Death (see inset) as their mascot or the words, "you will be afraid" written on their rods?

Gan Craft's take on the jerkbait

Gan Craft also makes a good selection of mid-sized swimbaits

The Claw is probably Gan Craft's most widely distributed swimbait

Special thanks to our friends who brought us this peak into Japan's premiere tackle event!


Conclusion: We would have liked to have brought you more news on what's happening with Shimano including the much anticipated Metanium MG, but unfortunately, things did not work out. Stay tuned and do not despair. We have something in store for you that just might make up for it. For now, we hope you enjoyed this sneak peak at what's in store for the Japanese tackle market for 2007. How will the products at this event affect we see at ICAST? And exactly which products are we going to bring in for a closer look? I guess we'll have to wait for the rest of 2007 to run its course before we find out! The first of these new products are expected to hit the shelves in Japan around mid-April. You can bet that our own Enthusiast Tackle Editor already has his orders in.


TackleTour would like to thank Plat.co.jp for their friendship and help in bringing this peek into the Japan International Tackle Show to you











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