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Reel Review

This ONE Baitcaster Delivers Great Value: The 13 Fishing Origin (continued)


Casting: The ONE3 reels cast well and the Arrowhead casting system helps lay line smoothly while providing additional space in which line can flow out with reduced friction during the cast. Both reels make use of aluminum deep spools and I found the casting distance on both reels to be almost the same, and even with the Origin-Cís higher end bearings it just narrowly edged out the Origin-A in max distance, but I did find it to be the better caster for making pinpoint accurate casts with lighter lures.


To access the 6 Way centrifugal braking system the non-handle sideplate needs to be removed

Retrieve: Crank on the Origin reels and they both feel pretty smooth thanks to Japanese Hamai Cut Aluminum alloy gearing. Over the course of the tests the gearing held up surprisingly well and while these are not the smoothest reels they are certainly better than I expected price considering. The Origin-C was unquestionably the smoother reel and benefited from being equipped with better bearings.


Unlike 13 Fishing's higher end reels there is no Beetle Wing take down sideplate so be careful when adjusting brakes on the water

During the field tests I was lucky enough to get into some really good fishing days where I caught numerous 4 plus pound fish back to back with these two reels. It was during this constant action where the difference between them really started to become evident.


The Origin-A provides a smooth retrieve

When there were small fish on the line or fishing plastics I had a harder time experiencing any notable retrieve differences between the reels, but when fishing larger reaction baits or reeling in any fish larger than 3lbs. the power difference really started to manifest.


The Origin-C delivers both smooth and more effortless retrieve under load

The Origin-Cís aluminum frame does a far better job isolating the gears to translate winding power and eliminate flex under load. While the Origin-Aís composite frame gets the retrieve job done the Origin-Cís more rigid aluminum frame gets the job done with confidence.


When it comes to fighting big fish the Origin-C delivers more confident winding power

Drag: With a sub 100 dollar price point you probably would expect a drag that tops out around 10-11lbs. of pressure but 13 Fishing has equipped both the Origin-A and Origin-C reels with surprisingly decent multi-disk drag systems.


A look inside the reel reveals the aluminum gearing


The drag systems on both reels feature multi-disc drags comprising of both metal and carbon washers. In the lab the Origin-A topped out at 14.8lbs. of drag and the Origin-C delivered 17.3lbs. of drag which is very close to the manufacturerís published ratings.


The Origin-C makes use of higher grade high-spin bearings

In the field both of the drag systems proved to be equally smooth, but the Origin-C offered a noticeably wider range of adjustment. Both drag systems are adjusted via a swept star is made out of plastic. While they are the same shape the one paired with the Origin-C felt higher-end with the gloss coating whereas the Origin-A makes use of a raw plastic star and spool tension knob. While these differences are subtle they start to add up and the more I fished with the two reels the more the Origin-C started to separate itself when it came to both refinement and performance.


The Origin-C has a beefier drag consisting of both steel and carbon fiber washers sandwiching the main gearing

Ergonomics: Both Origin reels offer a very compact form factor that sits low enough on just about any reel seat to look and feel just right. The short and flat nose on these baitcasters make the reels very comfortable to palm. The Origin-A weighs in at 7.2oz. and because the Origin-C makes use of aluminum it is .2oz. heavier, but in hand that additional weight is almost indiscernible.


The main gear is Japanese Hamai cut. Hamai has a well earned reputation for high precision gear hobbing and polishing

I not only prefer the look of the Origin-C reelís matte finish but also how it felt when palmed as well. It was easier to maintain a comfortable grip on the Origin-C but on the downside I did notice that over time it was also the reel that seemed to pick up more dirt and grime. The same can be said about the white knobs on the Origin-A. Luckily in both cases all it took was a little soap and water to restore these surfaces back to looking nice and clean.


The Origin Reels have a short squared off face that is very comfortable to palm

I found the barrel knobs on both reels a to offer plenty of grip, even when wet. The only ergonomic downside to both reels is that adjusting the 6-way centrifugal braking system requires opening the non-handle sideplate, and unlike other 13 Fishing reels the ONE3 does not have a beetle-wing sideplate and separates completely from the frame. Better maintain a good grip on that plate if your making adjustments in the field.


The spools are similar but the Origin-C (right) is anodized gloss and has extra grooves where the spool comes in contact with the line

One nice ergonomic addition is the integrated hook keeper into the top of the reel. This makes it easy to hook Texas Rigs and even Crankbaits onto the reel for quicker access and deployment. Here the matte finish on the Origin-C once again had the advantage as the finish did not scratch as easy as the shiny black paint on the Origin-A.


One feature you wont find on competing reels is the KEEPR integrated hook holder

The addition of the KEEPR integrated hook holder is an added feature that you simply donít find on other reels. You could argue that you can just hook any lure on any baitcaster in the same way but the KEEPR design helps isolate hooks and prevents lures from moving and scratching your reel unnecessarily.


The Origin-A makes use of more raw plastic components

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