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Lure Review



Another Explosive, if not Diminutive Bait from Missile Baits : The Bomb Shot


Date: 6/16/19
Tackle Type: Lures
Manufacturer: Missile Baits
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Since their inception earlier this decade, Missile Baits has continued to refine and expand their lineup of soft plastic baits. We met up with John Crews, BASS Elite Series angler and founder of the company, late last year for a sneak peak at his latest creation, and today bring to our thoughts on this latest weapon. Introducing Missile Baits's Bomb Shot finesse bait.


Missile Baits Bomb Shot Specifications

Type Finesse Bait
Material Soft Plastic
Colors/Patterns 10
Size 4"
Scent/Plastic Treatment Anise oil and craw scent
# per package 15
Resealable Bag? Yes
MSRP $3.99

Missile Baits continues to expand their arsenal of baits with the Bomb Shot

Impressions: The Bomb Shot is a four inch (4") long, soft plastic bait with an elongated, asymmetric hourglass shape. The bait's main body can best be described as an anorexic version of the company's popular D-Bomb trailer bait. It has a solid head section followed by a very slim profile consisting of a thin, solid core and rings down to the beginning of the bait's tail section.


The Bomb Shot is a 4 inch finesse bait


The Bomb Shot's tail flares back out in the shape of an elongated oar and is roughly one quarter the bait's length. As with all of Missile Baits's product I've fished thus far, the plastic is very soft and the colors intricate.

It features an elongated, asymmetrical, hourglass shape

Real World Tests: The Bomb Shot has been one of my go-to drop shot baits since the Fall of 2018. The solid head section makes nose hooking a breeze and the bait's action in the water is very natural. It picks up line movement and current action easily and moves in the water with a very enticing undulation.

A look at it's oar shaped tail

Because of its diminutive size, I find you have to really pay attention to your line and those tell tale pressure bites with the Bomb Shot. It's just so easy for a fish to inhale.

Fish tend to inhale this diminutive bait


The bait's solid core, while thin, is also substantial enough to enable Texas rigging especially if you use a light wire hook like Gamakatsu's G-Finesse Worm Light Hook w/ Tin Keeper (I'd recommend size 1). But I couldn't get past how effective the bait is in a drop shot presentation.


It's made with a very supple plastic


As with any soft plastic, durability depends a lot on the temperament of the fish you catch and whether they are inhaling the bait, nibbling at the tail, or simply swiping at it. Because the Bomb Shot is so small, it felt as though the majority of my hits were inhales and most of my baits lasted through a good four or five fish on average.

As with any soft plastic, durability depends a lot on the temperament of the fish you catch

Design & Ergonomics: Missile Baits has never been one to go overboard on color patterns. Even the well established D-Bomb, one of their best selling baits, is only available in 14 colors. The Bomb Shot is available in 10. They come in a resealable package of 15 baits, and are made with anise oil with the added attractant of craw scent.

It's offered in ten different colors

I learned this trick from Aaron Martens - if your bait is soft enough, you can hide the hook point in the bait's head for a weedless presentation

Price & Applications: Cost per bag is $3.99 so that breaks down to about $0.27 per bait. Considering how well the bait held up for me, price point on the Bomb Shot feels pretty good. Of course, as with any soft plastic, applications are limited only by your imagination and in the Bomb Shot's case, so long as you keep the bait's diminutive size in mind.

Cost per bag is $3.99 so that breaks down to about $0.27 per bait


Missile Baits Bomb Shot Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality Very consistent from bait to bait 8.5
Performance Excellent drop shot bait 9
Price Just $0.27 per bait is pretty good 8
Features Ribbed/Ring body & craw scent 7.5
Design (Ergonomics) Modest color pallet 7
Application Designed as a drop shot bait, but obviously can be used for more 8

Total Score


Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


+ Picks up movement of line and current very well - Only 10 colors
+ Ribbed/ring body  
+ Colors are very well done  


The Bomb Shot easily wins this Editor's Choice Award


Conclusion: Missile Baits's D-Bomb remains a favorite of mine even after writing it up back in 2013. I hold their Drop Craw bait, reviewed in 2018, in similar regard. Each of those baits earned our coveted Editor's Choice Award. I just might like the Bomb Shot even more than those two baits which can only mean one thing. It's a hat trick for Missile Baits and another Editor's Choice Award for the Bomb Shot!


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