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Lure Review

Are you addicted yet? ...the Megabass Vision One-Ten's action will have you begging for more

Date: 12/05/05
Tackle type: Lures
Manufacturer: Megabass
Reviewer: Zander

Total Score: 9.0 + EDITORS CHOICE!

Once in a long while a lure comes around that I can't stop ranting and raving about, and the Megabass Vision 110 is just such a product. This proven performer is still among the very best jerkbaits on the market, and despite all the increased competition from lure manufacturers on both side of the pond the Vision still has what it takes to get the big ones to bite.

Megabass Vision 110 Specifications

Type Jerkbait
Size 110.5 mm
Colors/Patterns 18+ available
Weight 1/2oz
MSRP $29.99

Impressions: Its no secret that Megabass makes some very quality product, and it amazes me that the company can produce and distribute so many premium solutions in a variety of categories. When you think the name Megabass what comes to mind first? Rods, Lures, Ito engineered products, or simply just some of the most wicked tackle ever designed for the enthusiast niche market? The answer is....all of the above.


Beware...extremely addicting lure....the Megabass Vision 110

The Vision 110 was actually introduced five years ago, and was a well kept secret for many stateside anglers until Megabass USA made the product a bit more readily available for US anglers. The bait is particularly well suited to satisfy the needs of bass anglers because that is exactly the consumer that the lure was intended for. In fact, Yuki Ito designed the original lure to satisfy the distinctive needs of American bassers. Since the introduction the aggressive profile of the lure has remained virtually unchanged, but the number of colors/patterns the Vision 110 is available in has allowed anglers to use the lure from everything from largemouth to saltwater inshore fish. The lure is so popular that the company now has another lineup of Vision 100 SW (Saltwater) versions which look like their predecessors but feature permasteel hooks and a slightly different balancing system for a more immediate response.


Appropriately labeled and dated

The Vision 110 is designed for anglers to get creative with their retrieves, and Yuki intended the lure to be used in a wide range of applications....not just cold clear water. When it came time to field test this particular lure we had no shortage of volunteers on our staff.

Complete test Rig for fishing the Megabass Vision 110

Rod Kistler Helium HE69APC
Reel Daiwa TD-Z
Line 12 lb. Yozuri Hybrid


Field Tests: We finally decided that it would take three editors to fully field test this product. We armed ourselves with three Vision 110 patterns (Mat Tiger, Ito Natural, and Ito Wakasagi) and fished the lures over an entire season targeting largemouth bass and stripers in an assortment of lakes and the California Delta.


Cracking open each lure was like a ritual. Each Vision 110 comes with its own hinged "ito engineering" plastic box. To further protect the lure's beautiful finish a foam insert puts enough pressure under the lure so that it doesn't move around at all during shipping. As if this wasn't already enough an ito engineering security sticker is put over the small latch to ensure nobody tampers with your personal lure. I was already getting the impression we had something special in my hands, but it wasn't until the lure got wet that I realized just how right I was.


The Vision 110 features a unique gill pattern and realistic jaw...ah, the details

Casting: Before you even get this lure into the water its hard not to admire the Vision 110's marvelous finish. Regardless of what pattern you own each lure is molded and painted to perfection. The Vision comes in a wide assortment of finishes. Check out the Megabass website for a complete color chart. These lures come with flashy foil patterns, or masterfully airbrushed matte patterns, as well as translucent ghost styles. (My favorite lure is the Ito Natural, mainly because it reminds me of the TD-Z Ito in color, but also because I found it absolutely deadly for both bass and stripers.) The lure's aggressive profile features exaggerated gill plates that extend realistically all the way below the lure. Its details like this that really set Megabass apart from the pack. The rest of the body is covered with a scale pattern and a distinct lateral line extends from gill to tail. As with all other Ito lures the Vision is dated and labeled appropriately.


The Vision's body is covered in a etched scale configuration regardless of which color pattern


Weighing only 1/2oz this is among the lighter jerkbaits loaded with 3 hooks. The lure looks smaller both in length and width then the majority of the competition but is as undemanding to cast as any jerkbait. The secret to the effortless cast are the use of two tungsten weights housed within the Vision's slender body. The lure is small and light enough to be tossed with just about any rod. A soft tip helps fling this lure through the air but it is not absolutely necessary when throwing this bait. During the cast the tungsten weights will shift to the rear of the lure helping propel it to your desired target.


The Katsuage outbarb hooks are razor sharp

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