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Rod Preview

Some of the very best that Japan has to offer comes to our shores thanks to MegaBass USA

Date: 1/20/05
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass USA
Reviewer: Cal

In November of 2004, we shared the story of Megabass Custom Rods of Japan’s almost cult like following created by their insanely detailed, supremely, hand crafted, and very exclusive products. We are excited to share the news that this legendary Japanese tackle manufacturer has now created a presence in the United States with the creation of Megabass USA. Though technically a separate company from Megabass Japan, their introduction into the US market was spearheaded by Yuki Ito himself, the original founder, creator, and owner of Megabass Japan. Tackle enthusiasts, collectors, touring professionals, and weekend anglers alike can now acquire these magnificent fishing rod works of art without enduring ridiculous wait times or inordinate shipping costs. Bare in mind, with entry level models starting at over $300 a piece, ownership still comes at an extreme price. 


A close up of the Megabass custom reel seat


The Megabass Difference: Most every rod manufacturer has their own approach to what drives the creation of their product. Megabass is no different but takes their approach to creating each fishing rod to the extreme. Each of their over 50 models of rods possess a unique action custom tailored by the rod’s taper and material blend. Not satisfied by the action and power resulting from a blank composed of a single grade of high modulus graphite, Megabass engineers blend different types of graphite and other materials all throughout the length of any specific blank to deliver the desired result at each section of the rod. All considerations of balance, weight, sensitivity, action, finish and ergonomics are carried out in harmony with one another and form the backbone of their custom designed and manufactured rod components. This along with a zero tolerance quality control regiment during each rod’s build phase results in a fishing rod unlike any other. There is nothing “off the shelf” about these rods and they go through enormous pains to demonstrate this approach.


Megabass Destroyer rods including their flagship, Super Destroyer III (center)


Destroyer Base Series: If there is such a thing as a base model Megabass Rod, the Destroyer series is where it all starts. Ranging from the ultra light action, regular taper F0-60X Elese to the extra heavy, fast taper F7-711X Seven-Eleven, there are approximately 20 different casting and 10 different spinning models from which to choose. All Destroyer Series base model rods are composed of Megabass’s proprietary HI-10X graphite with custom touches throughout each blank to optimize sensitivity, power, and balance. The two flagships in this
line of rods are the F6-69X Super Destroyer III casting rod and the F3-610XS Orochi spinning rod - both are touted as the most versatile rods in the Destroyer lineup.


More rods from Megabass' Standard Destroyer Lineup


Destroyer Tomahawk Series: There are four rods in this series composed of Megabass’ unique composition of vertical run fiberglass. In these rods, Megabass has eliminated the majority of traditional, horizontal fibers found in a glass blank and have instead, reinforced the vertical fibers. This engineering produces an even more forgiving blank with incredible weight savings to create the ultimate deep cranking rod. The most popular rod in this series is the F4-70TX rated at 5/16 to 1 oz lure weight and 10 to 20 pound test line.


Megabass Hedgehog Series Rods

Destroyer HedgeHog: The Destroyer HedgeHog series from Megabass introduces their concept of the “Stinger Tip”, a feature designed to produce initial hooksetting power at the tip of the rod rather than the mid section of the blank. With 5 spinning and one casting model, this series’ focus is on finesse fishing. Four of the rods have lure weight ratings starting at 1/16 ounce while the other two start at 1/32 ounce, and all are rated for light line applications. Three of the HedgeHog series rods are composed of braided graphite blanks while the remaining three feature what Megabass terms as a rare metal, low modulus graphite blank designed to optimize the transmission of vibrations through the length of the rod. The F4ST-69RSDti Orochi Evoluzion rod in particular features interwoven titanium fibers in a double helix, DNA type pattern through the rod for even further enhanced sensitivity. This specific rod features the detailing of a snake worked into the blank material between the reel seat and base of the rod.


Note the interwoven snake pattern at the base of the F4ST-69RDti Orochi Evoluzion

Destroyer Evoluzion: These are the most exotic of Megabass’
offerings featuring three distinctly different blanks, each composed of high modulus graphite, but all three featuring different applications of titanium fibers through the blank. Direct from Megabass USA, here is
an explanation of the different materials used in the Evoluzion line of rods:

GTiThe blanks of the GTi models have titanium wires embedded in
the surface so that only a small portion of each wire is visible, and
they extend from the butt-end to the mid section of the blanks. And then, at the butt-end, the graphite (dark color) / Kevlar (light color) braid is wrapped around in order to increase the power at the butt
end. In addition, the section between the butt-end to the last guide,
is wrapped with a Zirconia Metal Shield (made of zirconium) developed by I.T.O. And finally, the last guide to the tip is wrapped with our high modulus graphite braid. This construction gives a “steely” feel to the action of the GTi rods.

FTiis a full titanium construction. The Titanium wires extend all the way to the rod tip, and the braided graphite wrap is removed in order to increase the “steely” feel and recovery of the rod.

DTiis entirely different from both GTi and FTi in the way titanium wires are used. Instead of a parallel application down the length of
the blank, the wires are applied in the manner of a double helix (like D.N.A.). The result is a fish scale like mesh pattern, and with super
hard Ceramic Metal Shield wrapped to the last guide, it is awe-inspiring to the eyes. The Destroyer Evolution Series rods have gained higher tension power (ability to recover/rebound from the force that is
applied to it) than the regular Destroyers due to titanium and other metal components devised for the series.


Note the attention to detail in the Megabass Evoluzion Series Rods

Other Products: Megabass USA has plans to bring the entirety of the Megabass offering to US Consumers. This extensive offering ranges from their well known and equally famous hard bodied lures to spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, finesse plastics, jigging  spoons, sunglasses, clothing, knives, tackle management systems and more. Rest assured the exacting measures taken in the production of their fishing rod lineup extends well into everything this company has to offer. Megabass USA plans to offer fishing rods and other small production items direct through their website, however, their lures will be made available through local tackle shops or any other vendors interested in establishing a wholesale relationship to sell their products.


Megabass USA will make available to US consumers, the entirety of the Megabass offering including their famous hardbodied lures (top left & bottom right), their Tackle Management System, the Assylum (top right), and in cooperation with Daiwa Japan, redesigned for 2005, the limited production Team Daiwa Ito reels (bottom left)

Conclusion: Are US anglers and consumers ready for the onslaught
that Megabass USA promises to deliver? Will the popularity of Megabass offerings continue to grow now that their rods are just a little less exclusive? We here at TackleTour are very excited to see a company with such high regard for quality come to shore with products that are not watered down versions of that which are offered abroad. If Megabass USA makes a big enough splash, perhaps other tackle companies will follow suit and up the ante. Regardless of their reaction, and despite the exclusive pricing these products bare, there’s no
denying the buzz that is sure to follow their introduction. And, as with any new, major, fishing product that surfaces in our waters, we have planned, a list of reviews and evaluations to help investigate the
insanity that is sure to be Megabass USA.









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