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Rod Review

What the F-Power? Megabass's Drop Shot is Going to Double XX The Competition!


Date: 5/8/13
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 7.83 - BEST VALUE AWARD!

There comes a time in most boutique, enthusiast brand's time when the manufacturer has to choose between two paths: 1) stay true to what is perceived to be yourself and cater to the very small but loyal following you've built; 2) take what you've learned together with the reputation you've built, and open yourself up to an even greater audience. After more than 20 years in the industry, Megabass can hardly be considered a boutique brand, but they do command a rather loyal following each of whom has certain expectations of the manufacturer. Well with the recent introduction of their DoubleX series of rods, Megabass, together with their new international subsidiary, Megabass of America, is looking to walk that very fine line between not upsetting their loyal fans, and expanding their audience beyond the Enthusiast market. Here is our first in a planned series of reviews on this new line, introducing the Orochi XX F3-611XXS Drop Shot.




Megabass F3-611XXS Drop Shot Specifications

Material Megabass XX Graphite
Length 6'-11"
Line Wt. 4-12lb
Lure Wt. 1/16-1/2 oz
Pieces One
Guides 8 + tip Fuji K Series Alconite
Rear Handle Length 8 inches
Power Rating Light
Taper Medium-Fast
Rod Weight 4.1 oz
Origin China
MSRP $275


Introducing the Megabass Orochi XX F3-611XXS Drop Shot.


Quality/Construction: The F3-611XXS is a six foot, eleven inch stick built from Megabass's new DoubleX series of blanks whose technology and construction we outlined in our preview article from April of this year. The blank has a natural, matt finish through most of its length and has a very finely crafted and subtly sculpted cork handle with a composite cork butt end. The cork within the handle does have a good degree of fill which may not bode well in the long run. The reel seat is very clean with smart detailing.


Quality Ratings for Megabass F3-611XXS Drop Shot

Finish (1-5)
Grip (1-5)
Epoxy (1-5)
Blank (1-2)
Guides (1-2)
Rating (= Tot/Pos * 10)


All DoubleX rods come equipped with Fuji, K-Series, stainless steel framed guides with Alconite inserts. Purists will say the guides are small, not micro-small. We're not going to split hairs and are calling them micro-guides although the very first two guides up from the reel seat are standard sized guides. Alignment of the guides on our test sample is spot on and the blank is straight.


What it really comes down to with this and all the other DoubleX sticks from Megabass of America is the question of how well do they perform.

Performance: What it really comes down to with this and all the other DoubleX sticks from Megabass of America is the question of how well do they perform. In the case of the F3-611XXS, I fished this stick with both fluorocarbon and some finesse braid to get a feel for its overall performance and here's how it shakes out.

This stick casts very well especially with braid.

Casting: We break out casting and pitching into two separate ratings. Realistically, not many are going to be pitching with a light powered spinning stick, but it can be done. The F3-611XXS Drop Shot is a little soft as one might expect, but it performed at about what I'd consider average for a stick of this power for close in, pitching applications. You have to be adept at feathering your spool for best results.

Checking out Aaron Marten's recommended trip on the rod - not quite sold just yet.

For actual casting, this stick performed very well especially with braid. I was using Sunline SX1 braid in twelve pound test spooled on a Daiwa Exist 2004. This line and reel matched up quite well with the rod. For fluorocarbon, I was using Sunline Shooter Invisible Metan in five pound test spooled on a Megabass Luvito 103 and while this reel and line combo also worked very well, the overall experience wasn't as special as with the braid. The hybrid guide system directs your line very well during casts and the blank loads predictably.

Where it really caught our attention was with its sensitivity! "Entry level" sticks are not supposed to be this sensitive!

Next Section: Zone in on sensitivity









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