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Rod Review


Think Less, Fish More with Megabass of America's F5-75XX EMTF


Date: 4/24/19
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.25 - GREAT

For a company once considered somewhat boutique and highly stylized (maybe even a little quirky), Megabass, or more accurately, Megabass of America is quite mainstream nowadays. Once upon a time, the manufacturer's fishing rods each had their own handle designs - not each series, but each individual fishing rod. Though the spirit of this approach is reflected in the current Destroyer lineup, for the most part, the practice has been abandoned and can no doubt attributed to the company's growth and need to be more efficient to meet demand.


Megabass of America revamped Orochi XX for 2018


The company's Orochi XX series of rods is a case in point. Though the homogenization of their product line began long before this series introduction, it was almost as if that approach was begun with Orochi XX in mind. It was this series that the company introduced their first, made for the North American fisherman collection of fishing rods and it was this collection that helped the company become more mainstream


The new blank wrap features metal micro-fibers


Early in 2018, the company debuted Orochi XX gen 2, a revamped series of rods taking on more traditional "JDM" styling. The F4.5-74XXS Enforcer took home Editor's Choice Award honors after its review last June, and now it's about time we take a look at another rod in that same series. Here's our take on Megabass of America's Orochi XX F5-75XX Extreme Mission Type-F (EMTF).


Megabass 18 Orochi XX F5-75XX EMTF Specifications

Material X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blank ("kabt")
Length 7'-5"
Line Wt. 8-20lb
Lure Wt. 3/8-1oz
Pieces One
Guides 9 + tip (Fuji SS/SiC)
Rear Handle Length 11
Power Rating Medium
Taper Medium-Fast
Rod Weight 5.2oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $299

Today, we take a closer look at the F5-75XX EMTF

Impressions: The Extreme Mission Type-F (EMTF) is a seven foot, five inch (7'-5") stick made from Megabass of America's proprietary X47-ASL Metal Fiber Blank material code named kabt (ka-boo-toh). This blank is the company's latest strategy on the cross weave, multi-axis arrangement of underlying material that the majority of JDM companies now employ (e.g. Daiwa, Shimano, Evergreen International). However, instead of relying upon carbon fiber material, Megabass is using metal micro fibers in these blanks claiming better tensile strength and resilience resulting in a blank with more strength and integrity.


The EMTF is a stick made for moving baits


Otherwise, the EMTF features a full rear grip made of cork, Megabass's traditional custom designed locking mechanism, and a custom designed reel seat. Guides on the EMTF are Fuji, stainless steel framed SiCs. Put side by side against the original Orochi XX, and the new sticks look and feel much more expensive, but retail is the same.

Time to push the limits of this stick

Real World Tests: I'm not exactly sure what makes up an "Extreme Mission" nor do I know what a "Type-F" entails, but I do know the F5-75XX EMTF, with its medium-fast taper is intended as a moving bait stick. With that in mind, I paired it with my very neglected Daiwa Ryoga 2018 spooled with 50lb Sunline FX2 Braid in Green/Blue.

The EMTF's lure ratings are pretty spot on

Casting: The EMTF's lure ratings are pretty spot on and it handles baits within that range perfectly in all manner of casts. The rod's tip is a little light for pitching unless you're using bait more in the middle of the lure rating, but I get the impression this stick is made for launching lipless cranks, half ounce and above spinnerbaits, or small to medium sized squarebills.

The rear grip tapers from either end to this point accented by a carbon fiber belt

After my initial tests, I decided to test the rod's upper limits and tied on a Megabass Vatalion. This bait is rated at 1 3/8oz, so it's over the EMTF's lure rating and you can easily tell. The EMTF is not really a stick you want to push beyond its stated limits.

Not as decorative as the Ito Headlock, but clean nonetheless

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