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Enthusiast Review


Megabass of America is on Target Once Again : The '17 Destroyer Javelin


Date: 9/6/18
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.50 - EDITOR'S CHOICE

We first shared with you our general impressions of Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer Lineup in June of that year. Since that time, as is witnessed by our review of the Onager two short months after, we've been busy testing, fishing, and evaluating other sticks from that series. Today, we take a closer look at the one stick that stood out to me during our first day on the water with the entire series back in June of 2017. Presenting Megabass of America's 2017 Destroyer F5-75X Javelin.


Megabass of America F5-75X Javelin Specifications

Material Megabass Hybrid Graphite System
Length 7'-5"
Line Wt. 8-20lb
Lure Wt. 3/8-1oz
Pieces One
Guides 9+tip (Fuji ti-framed/SiC Inserts)
Rear Handle Length 10.75"
Power Rating Heavy
Taper Mod-Fast
Rod Weight 5.1 oz
Origin Final Assembly in Japan
MSRP $399.99

Here's our more detailed look at Megabass of America's '17 Destroyer F5-75X Javelin.

Impressions: The Javelin is a seven foot, five inch, medium heavy powered casting rod which means it falls right in with our Search for One quest. It shares the same blank technology as our previously reviewed Onager, but the handle design on this stick is different. Instead of a full rear grip built with a mix of EVA and cork, the Javelin features a split rear grip design with the same material mix.


The rod features titanium framed, SiC guides by Fuji.


Components on this stick include Fuji, titanium framed guides with SiC inserts and Megabass's own Spiral Architecture reel seat with the obligatory Ito Headlock system.


Veterans of the Megabass experience will find the rod's styling absolutely worthy of the brand's name. Those stepping up from the original Orochi XX or Levante series will wonder where has Megabass of America been hiding this level of refinement?

The reel seat is also built by Fuji but designed by Megabass.

Real World Tests: So the biggest question in most people's minds once they handle a new stick is what reel shall have the honors of sitting on such a fine weapon? Do we go with the symbiotic Daiwa connection? Change things up with Abu? Or go with my current low profile baitcaster of choice, the Shimano Chronarch MGL? Well, if you skimmed through the photos, you already know the answer and that was the Shimano Chronarch MGL.

The headlock system is also a Megabass design.

Casting: The very first bait I tied onto the Javelin for testing was a Megabass of America iJack wake bait. This bait is a one ounce plug featuring an internal pendulum knocking system that casts like a bullet. The Javelin is rated up to an ounce in lure weight so I wanted to test the rod's upper end right away and I certainly was not disappointed as the rod handled the bait perfectly fine.

The Javelin's hybrid graphite blank is unsanded and unfinished.

The Javelin loads very easily and is predictable on the release with baits down to its lower end lure rating (3/8oz) as well. Most rods have a sweet spot right in the middle of their lure rating, but I didn't really spend an extended amount of time with lures between half an ounce to three quarters of an ounce with this rod because it became my favorite stick with which to throw the iJack.

The front portion of the split rear grip is cork.

Sensitivity: The Javelin has really good low frequency sensitivity. When retrieving that iJack very slowly in the water, I could feel every little thump and bump of that bait as it swam side to side and as the hooks of that bait ticked the top of weeds. Reluctantly, I cut the iJack off and tied on a jig and Senko (on separate occasions of course) to see how the rod would feel in vertical bait presentations. Here, while I was satisfied with what I could feel in terms of my bait being on the bottom and could sense the difference between rocks or a soft bottom, the bites for these techniques never materialized and I continually switched back to a reaction bait.

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