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Rod Review


Busting Bunkers and Awards with Megabass's Destroyer F7.5-77X


Date: 4/7/20
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Megabass of America
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.33 + EDITOR'S CHOICE AWARD

Previously, we found Megabass of America's new Mark48 to be the perfect companion to the original '17 Destroyer Series Onager creating an enthusiast worthy one two, punch for fishing big baits. It was the first of the new Destroyers extended lineup to receive the TackleTour treatment. Today, we take a look at another of these new Destroyers that might be a good jab to add that one, two big bait punch. Introducing Megabass of America's F7.5-77X Bunker Buster.


Megabass Destroyer F7.5-77X Bunker Buster Specifications

Material Megabass Hybrid Graphite System
Length 7'-7"
Line Wt. 15-30lb
Lure Wt. 3/4 - 1.2oz
Pieces One
Guides 9+tip (first two double footed, the rest single footed, Fuji Ti/SiC)
Rear Handle Length 12"
Power Rating Xtra Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 6 oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $415.00

Introducing Megabass of America's Destroyer F7.5-77X Bunker Buster

Impressions: Megabass's F7.5-77X Bunker Buster is a seven foot, seven inch (7'7") casting rod featuring a full rear grip. The front portion of that grip is cork, while the back section is EVA foam. It shares the same cosmetics as the F10-711X Onager and F8-78X Mark 48 except at only twelve inches (12"), the rear handle on the Bunker Buster is short like that of a flipping rod. Additionally, while the Onager and Mark 48 come with double footed guides all the way up, only the first two guides on the Bunker Buster are double footed.


The mix of fractions and decimals in the rod's lure rating just feels off


This rod has a strange lure rating at three quarters of an ounce up to one point two ounces (3/4 - 1.2oz). I find it strange because of the mix in fraction and decimal denotation but also why not round up to one and a quarter? How many lures come across with a weight specification of 1.2 oz? One and a quarter (1-1/4) would also clean up that mix of fraction and decimal. It's a very minor issue really, but one I found odd in a detail oriented manufacturer like Megabass of America.

Megabass's Spiral Architecture Reel Seat is very slim

It looks great without a reel, but once paired with your casting reel of choice, you never see this detail anymore

Real World Tests: All that aside, I matched the Bunker Buster up with my Shimano Bantam MGL featuring a fresh spool of 50lb Daiwa 8X JBraid in white topshotted with 12lb Sunline Crank FC (fluorocarbon). While it is intended as more of a flipping stick, something about the rod's tip while playing with it upon arrival enticed me into wanting to see how well the Bunker Buster handled those smaller swimbaits like the MagDraft mentioned in Zander's preview on the new Destroyers.

The full rear grip is a mix of cork and EVA foam

Casting: I pre-rigged a MagDraft Freestyle on an Owner Flashy Swimmer for these tests and from that very first cast, really marveled at how soft the rod's tip was and how well it loaded and launched the Freestyle. Inspired by how well the Bunker Buster handled the Freestyle, I later tied on a Vatalion and much to my delight, it handled that bait equally as well to the point I may actually prefer how the Bunker Buster casts these two baits to the Mark 48.

Unlike the Onager and Mark 48, the Bunker Buster on has two double footed guides

Trouble is, once I returned to more controlled conditions, I put the Vatalion and pre-rigged Freestyle on a scale. I had in my mind the Vatalion was about one and a quarter to one and a third ounces. Looking up the specs, it's rated at 1 3/8 ounces but on the scale it was 1 1/2. Whoops! Turns out the way I had the Freestyle rigged, it weighed a total of one and five eighths of an ounce (1 - 5/8oz). I was totally and unintentionally overloading the Bunker Buster but honestly couldn't tell when out on the water.

This is the fish that hit the Freestyle all the way out at the end of my cast

Sensitivity: Thing is, on my very first cast with this combo out into the middle of an expansive flat with the Freestyle/Flashy swimmer bait combo, I was shocked to feel a "thunk." All I was doing, really, was trying to get a feel for the Bunker Buster. A fish had no business being where I cast that bait. Still, as the bait was sinking in the water column, myself still in shock, I reeled down and swung! Fish On! I couldn't believe it!

Megabass of America only uses the decorative insert in the Destroyer casting rods with a split rear grip. I miss it on the others

On subsequent casts and retrieves, when the fish gave me the opportunity to feel the rod out a bit more, I discovered I could actually feel the Freestyle swimming. It was very subtle, but I could feel it. For instance, when the bait hit a patch of weeds, I did what you're supposed to do and snapped the bait out of the patch. On the occasion when a strand of weed hung onto the bait for a ride, I could feel the interference with the Freestyle's ability to swim. I was continually surprised.

Nevertheless, that locking mechanism is secure

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