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Rod Review


Legit Design's Big Bait Travel Stick, the WSC68XXH-5


Date: 11/1/21
Tackle Type: Rod
Manufacturer: Legit Designs - Arundel
Reviewer: Cal

Total Score: 8.00 - GREAT

As the world slowly emerges from the deep, dark fog that began in early 2020, more and more travelers will be getting back to their favorite activities. This of course, includes anglers who enjoy pursuing exotic species in equally exotic locations. Which species are on your bucket list and where must you travel in order to pursue these aquatic creatures? Here at TackleTour, we find the best way to inspire a new adventure abroad, or even to your favorite, local, watering hole is to gear up in advance. Whether you're looking for a new stick to break down and slide into your carry on or under the driver's seat of your car, Legit Designs has a series of travel sticks worth a look. Here's their Wild Side WSC68XXH-5 Big Bait Special.


Legit Designs Wild Side WSC68XXH-5 Big Bait Special Specifications

Material 75% Graphite/Carbon, 10% Aramid, 15% Glass
Length 6'-8"
Line Wt. 16-30lb
Lure Wt. 4.5oz Max
Pieces 5
Guides 9+tip Fuji SS/SiC (all double footed)
Rear Handle Length 10.5
Power Rating Extra Heavy
Taper Moderate
Rod Weight 6.6oz
Origin Made in China
MSRP $374

Introducing Legit Design's Big Bait Special travel stick, the WSC68XXH-5

Impressions: Legit Designs's nickname for their Wild Side WSC68XXH-5 may sound familiar. We wrote up another stick from the same series with the same name back in August of 2020. However, that Big Bait Special, the WSC75XH, is a seven foot, five inch stick that separates at the handle. The WSC68XXH-5, is a five piece stick that measures roughly six feet, eight inches (6'-8") when fully assembled. So even though they share the same moniker and similar lure and line ratings, due to their respective lengths, I suspect the sticks will fish differently.


This is a 6'8" fishing rod that breaks down into 5 pieces


Aside from its length, this travelenabled Big Bait Special's blank composition is different than its longer sibling. Its stated glass content of fifteen percent (15%) versus of five for its larger sibling is just further evidence these are different sticks. Similarities, however, include handle design and components. The WSC68XXH-5 is built with a complete array of double footed guides made with stainless steel frames and SiC inserts (by Fuji) and has a full length rear grip made of EVA foam.

Assembly out on the water

Ready for a reel

Real World Tests: Legit Design's WSC68XXH-5 Big Bait Special came into my possession in the midst of our 2021 Rat Rumble. I fished it with a few different glides and a host of topwater baits. I paired this stout little travel rod with my 13 Fishing ConceptZ SLD spooled with a fresh supply of 50lb Seaguar Threadlock Hollow Braid and a top shot of Sunline's 30lb Saltimate nylon monofilament leader material.

Golden Belt Customs baits, Combine (left) & Reaper (right), to test the WSC68XXH-5's abilities

Assembly is easy thanks to the alignment arrows

Casting: Early bait duties with this five-piece travel stick included DreamSmasher Swimbait's DSS Gill, a one and three quarter ounce, soft plastic, wedge tail swimbait. I wanted to see how this stout little stick would handle a smaller "big bait." I thought, given how stiff the rod feels, that I'd have trouble casting this bait, but to my surprise, I was able to launch this little soft plastic gill just fine. It did take an adjustment each time I picked up this combo, however, because the length of the rod is so unfamiliar. It just felt odd casting a bait like this on such a short stick.

Of course, the WSC68XXH-5 had to take part in the RatRumble too pictured here with 2Faced Bait's Waking Mouse

From there, we graduated to fishing some glide baits like Golden Belt Customs's Reaper (2.3 oz) and Combine (3.3), and Real Wood Lures's trout glider (4.2oz). Once you grow accustomed to the WSC68XXH-5's shorter length, casting baits of this size and weight are pretty easy. Somehow, the stick's tip loads just enough to where casting is not a chore. It's something you take for granted with a longer stick and what I'm always skeptical of when it comes to shorter rods with a lot of backbone.

This big, rubber butt end is awkward in appearance, but serves as a good hand hold during two handed casting

Sensitivity: The good news with the WSC68XXH-5 is, once you grow accustomed to its shorter length, it fishes very much like its namesake, the WSC75XH Big Bait Special. The bad news is the shorter BBS, is also relatively average in sensitivity. This has nothing to do with the fact it's a multi-piece stick and everything to do with that clear, gloss coat finish over the entire blank. However, on a stick like this, that is bound to see more abuse simply because of its multi-piece nature, I actually welcome the protective finish. A stick's sensitivity can be heightened by your choice in fishing line and honestly, when fishing big baits - especially hard bodied big baits - sensitivity isn't very important. When fishing big, hard bodied baits, you're hunting for a reaction bite, so no matter what you do, the great majority of the time, you're going to feel the hit.

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