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Rod Review

The Search For One... Lamiglas Certified Pro (continued)

Sensitivity: I have mixed feelings about the XFT764 in this department. As this stick is, stock and off the shelf, I’d rate the sensitivity as average to good. Certainly, fishing it with Daiwa Samurai Braid, I’m seeing or feeling this stick at its best. It’s good at transmitting the feel down into your hands, but I couldn’t help but wonder about a couple of aspects.

Given the growing number of one piece bass rods up to eight feet in length, it's a bit surprising the XFT764 is still a telescopic rod.

1) Telescopic Blank: I don’t think this rod suffers in sensitivity because it is a telescopic blank. But I do feel it is heavier than it needs to be because of this and if it did not have this extra weight, it could be more sensitive than it already is.

Because the XFT764 is available for purchase as just a blank, the possibilities for a couple of tweaks are very intriguing - especially the use of micro guides instead of conventional.

2) Guides: Given the rod’s price point, it’s difficult to argue components, but one great advantage Lamiglas offers over the majority of its competitors is they offer just about all their blanks for purchase. That means if you like the action of one of their rods, but would prefer to make a tweak here or there in components or configuration, you can! I can’t help but wonder how the XFT764 would perform with a lighter set of guides or even completely outfitted with micros! This stick could be sick.

Here's a solution to the no hook hangar dilemma borrowed from the saltwater guys. If you're on a budget or in a pinch and need one, use a zip tie to fasten a split ring somewhere on the rod. It's quick, inexpensive and easily removable.

3) The Grip: As much as I appreciate the old school look and feel of a full rear grip and foregrip, the foregrip really serves little purpose in normal bass fishing situations. Unless you’re chucking big baits, how often do you grip the rod at the foregrip to bring a fish in? For me, the answer is almost never, so the foregrip is an unnecessary component on the rod. Conversely, I have no issue with full rear grips and actually enjoy the slightly better balance they can sometimes afford.

While I personally have no use for foregrips on a bass rod, a full rear grip perfectly fine with me.

Power: The XFT764’s lure and line weight ratings are a shade higher than that of our MBR783C GLX2000 suggesting it’s a power higher. Our deflection chart shows the XFT764 behaves a lot closer to our baseline TSFO rod than the ratings would suggest, so which theory is right? Out on the water, the XFT764 feels every bit like a longer MBR783C including that buttery feel of when a fish as at the end of the line. But one difference is, because this stick is a full foot longer, you have better leverage on a fish when it tries to run away from you. Just drop the rod to the side and let the pressure of the seven foot six inch blank turn that fish’s head in a direction that better favors where you want to land it.

Checking out the soft tip of the XFT764.

My only criticism in this department again comes down to the length of the rear handle. If it were just an inch and a half or so longer, I could more comfortably brace it against my forearm for just an added bit of leverage when a fish is at the end of the line. For where that added length comes in handy while battling a fish, it also puts a lot more pressure on your wrist to counter if you cannot brace the grip against your forearm.

The extra length in this stick really provides the angler with good leverage when battling a fish.

Application: The XFT764 is a very worthy all purpose stick. If I were to sum it up in comparison to other G.Loomis offerings, it feels very much like the combination of an MBR842C’s tip together with the MBR843C’s backbone, but with six more inches in length than either of those two sticks. That’s a really nice combination to have. I tend to like the stick a little more for moving bait applications like spinnerbaits, shallow running cranks, and lipless crankbaits, than I do soft plastics and jigs, but I think that has more to do with the length of the rear handle than anything else.

If you don't mind longer sticks, the XFT764 is a very worthy "All Purpose" rod though as one might expect, just a bit too conservatively styled for me.

Warranty: Lamiglas now has a new “Fast Track” replacement program to compliment their traditional Lifetime Warranty. Valid for all rods manufactured after January 1st, 2007, the Fast Track program is a no questions asked replacement program requiring the customer to send in just the logo/graphic section of the rod that displays the rod’s model number and manufacture date. This along with a tiered replacement fee (based on the rod series being replaced) will get you a brand new stick, no questions asked. In the case of a Certified Pro Bass Rod, the Fast Track replacement fee is seventy dollars ($70).


Lamiglas Certified Pro XFT764 Ratings (?/10)

Construction/Quality The XFT764 is put together right 8
Performance Think 842 + 843 + 6" 8
Price Unfortunately, at this price range, you can now find sticks sporting guides with SiC inserts.. the XFT764 comes with Alconite guides 6.5
Features Alconite guides, Fuji Reel Seat, Telescopic blank... good, but not great 7
Design (Ergonomics) Very conservatively styled, rear grip could use another inch or even two for better leverage 7
Application Very good all purpose stick and an excellent blank candidate for a custom build 7.5

Total Score

Ratings Key: 1 = terrible : 2 = poor : 3 = lacking : 4 = sub par : 5 = mediocre : 6 = fair : 7 = good : 8 = great : 9 = excellent : 10 = unbelievable!
For More Details of the updated rating system visit our explanation here


Pluses and Minuses:


J It's all about this rod's lively tip L A bit pricey now for a rod with Alconite guides
J I've always liked longer rods L Rear handle could use another inch preferably two in length
J Excellent pitching stick  
J Available as a blank for your own customizations  


Conclusion: With a tweak here, and a tweak there, the XFT764 could be a very serious contender for The Search For One honors. As it stands in its current configuration, it is still a very worthy stick – especially if you are into its more conservative stylings. The better news is, if you like what you’ve read about this stick, but are interested in exploring one or two of those tweaks and adjustments, you can! Simply order the blank and wrap or have it wrapped for you by your favorite custom builder. The availability of this option cannot be understated and we applaud both Lamiglas and St. Croix for continuing to make available their blanks to the general public.

But just because a rod is conservative doesn't mean I can't have fun fishing it - especially when there are fish like this to be had!

As for the Lamiglas Certified Pro XFT764, it may be conservative, and it may need a tweak here and there, but as far as my TDZ100ML is concerned, this reel may have found a permanent home on this stick. This classic combo may not be the flashiest I have, nor is it remotely close to being the most expensive, but it is a good performing pair and for many, that’s all they ask. However, for TackleTour’s Enthusiast Tackle Editor, I’m afraid The Search continues…

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