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Rod Review

Goin' Long With the Lamiglas Excel XL7116C


Date: 12/30/11
Tackle type: Rod
Manufacturer: Lamiglas
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Total Score: 7.91 - GOOD

Lamiglas is certainly not a newcomer to the fishing rod game.  With a history spanning back over 50 years, they have made rods for just about everything that swims.  With some exceptions, many of Lamiglas' offerings have had a very traditional look to them.  The Excel line of Bass rods breaks away from the conservative appearance, with a selection of bass rods featuring split grip handles and an attractive metallic copper rod blank.  Some anglers will also be happy with the fact these are made entirely in the USA!  In this review, we have a look at the longest Excel rod model, the XL7116C.  Designed as a long, powerful rod for several different techniques, I was anxious to see if the rod performed as advertised. 


Lamiglas Excel XL7116C Specifications

Material Lamiglas IM graphite
Length 7'11"
Line Wt. 15 - 30lb
Lure Wt. 1/2 - 2oz.
Pieces 1
Guides 9 Guides + Tip
Power Rating Heavy
Taper Fast
Rod Weight 5.4 oz
Origin USA
MSRP $119.00-$172.00

The blank looks great in the sunlight!

Impressions:  It had been at least 12 years since I owned and fished a Lamiglas, and this rod was undoubtedly a departure from their usual traditional look. The split cork handle features a rubber FUJI cap to protect the butt, while a large hook keeper is set on the bottom side of the blank between the split grips.  This is not my favorite hook keeper location on a casting rod, but since the keeper itself is so large I believe it works best in that spot out of the way from catching the line.

A heavier reel like the Daiwa Zillion Coastal helps balance the rod slightly better.

The reel seat is a proven Fuji ECS.  When the reel is locked in place, there aren't a bunch of exposed threads ahead of the hood ring like on some rods.  This allows very easy, and very comfortable access for one or two fingers to touch the blank for added sensitivity.

The reel seat design is very comfortable.

The blank is an attractive metallic copper color, with complimenting wraps.  In the sunlight it really pops and looks great!  10 American Tackle Halide guides adorn the blank.  The first three guides are double footed, while the remaining six before the tip top are single foot. 

Both double foot and single foot guides are used.

In hand, the XL7116C felt comfortable, but was a bit tip heavy.  Being a 7'11 rod with a split grip, this comes as no real surprise.  The feeling was not overwhelming, however it's definitely noticeable while fishing. 

The large hook keeper works extremely well with thick gauge wire hooks.

Lab Tests:  Before the Lamiglas hit the water, it was subjected to testing on our RoD WRACK.  As you can see from the chart below, this rod is softer in power compared to the average of even the finesse swimbait sticks we have tested in the past.  

Lamiglas Excel XL7116C: 12" Rear Handle : 9 + Tip (American Tackle Halide Guides
Made in USA : Fast Taper : Extra Heavy Power : 1/2 -2 oz: 15-30 lb : Retail $119.99

At 5.4 ounces, the rod is quite light for it's size.  In fact, it weighs exactly the same as the 7 inch shorter and much more expensive Daiwa TDZL741XHFB swimbait rod tested by Cal in February 2009.  While the weight is nice, notice the balancing point is quite a bit further up from the reel seat than the finesse swimbait rod average. This is why the rod doesn't feel as light in hand, and exhibits a bit of tip heaviness.

Lab Results for Lamiglas Excel Bass Rod XL7116C

Avgas Rod (2-32 oz)
Measured Weight
Balance Point
Balancing Torque (flubs)
Lamiglas Excel XL7116C
Finesse SB Stick Average

Field Tests:  Field testing for this rod was done on several ponds and lakes in south Florida targeting Largemouth Bass.  40Lb Sufix Braid was the line most used for fishing, however 20lb mono was also utilized primarily to get a true feel for the rod's sensitivity.

The XL7116C makes a good flipping and pitching rod as well.

Casting/Flipping:  At 7'11 long, this rod is good for both flipping and distance casting.  While the rod is stout and features a pretty robust rating, as noted by the lab results it by no means is a broom stick.  The 1/2-2oz lure rating is accurate, with the real sweet spot from about 3/4oz-1.5oz.  The tip has a bit of give for easily handling lures in the lighter side of the range, but the power is still there when you need it to chuck heavy baits.  Lobbing big baits is aided with the long rod length and 12 inch handle.  The blank loads smoothly and has a nice touch of crispness to help fire baits a long way with not much effort. This rod was nice for flipping.  The length is a huge asset when reaching into pockets that are harder to hit with a shorter stick.  Though a powerful rod, this is not a technique specific flipping stick and some anglers may prefer a blank that is stiffer throughout.  The long handle can catch on a coat or shirt a bit easier while flipping, especially if you have shorter arms.  Compared to several other rods of similar length though, the handle size is actually right in the ball park, but it is slightly longer than most flipping-specific rods on the market. 

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