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Event Article: 2008 ISE San Mateo

Kicking off the Season with the 2008 International Sportsmen's Expo San Mateo (continued)

Berkley Jigs: In addition to the new Powerbait Swimbaits berkley also got back into the jig business with the introduction of the coolest new jigs of the season. Like the swimbaits the jigs are sold in packs with application specific jigheads and matching trailers. The trailers are infused with Powerbait scent, and each pack even comes with extra skirts.


Mark shows us the new Berkley Jigs

The jigs themselves feature a very unique painted head complete with 3d "angry eyes" and an enhanced painted finish. From multiple angles the jigs take on the appearance of different prey ranging from crawfish to amphibians.

Each pack comes with a unique sculpted jig two trailers and extra skirts

Our favorite was the Gripper jig which featured twin tail trailers and and awesome frog faced features. These jig packs are in production now and will also start showing up on store shelves in about two weeks. Each pack will retail for 6.99 to 7.99.

Our personal favorite the football headed Gripper Jig designed for getting down fast

The jighead features a wide head and "angry" 3D eyes

Check out the front of this jig! Notice how the line goes straight in right between the eyes


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