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Exploring Exciting new Grips with American Rodsmith's President Bob Brown (continued)

Zander: How does a rod go from a concept to a final product at American Rodsmiths? Is there much input from prostaff?

Bob: We are constantly working on new models and also on how to improve older models. We have a very innovative staff here at American Rodsmiths, with many years of experience in building rods. We challenge our staff every year for new and better ideas, and, knock on wood; they have delivered in a big way. Three years ago we introduced TITANIUM BLANKS into the market with our H3 Titanium series rods. Two years ago we introduced ARS1 reel seats on our rods, and received Outdoor Life’s “Most Innovative Product Award for 2008. Last year we introduced “ADJUSTABLE” handles on our Mag Strike “PREDATOR” series rods and received Fishing Tackle Retailers “Most Outstanding Product” for 2009.  And this year we have introduced the V17 PRO TOUR GRIP on several of our rod models, and from the response we have gotten, we look forward to a very successful 2010. And yes we rely on our Pro Team and Pro Staff to test our new products and make suggestions and corrections before they go to market.

American Rodsmith's prostaffer Judy Wong was 2008 ladies World Champion (WBT) and provides feedback to American Rodsmiths to help design the company's ladies bass rods

Zander: We noticed that American Rodsmiths has a greater number of offerings than many other rod companies that cater specifically to women, can you tell us more about these rods?

Bob: We do have more products designed specifically for lady anglers than most companies for a reason. We see more women getting involved in fishing at different levels and we want to support them. Some of the biggest tournaments on the Texas Gulf coast are “ALL LADIES” events and they have special needs in the rods they fish with. We have Pink Rods, designed to be just as tough as any of our rods that have sold well to ladies all over the country and we donate a potion of these sales to the Susan B. Komen, Breast Cancer Research Program. Judy Wong, 2008 ladies World Champion (WBT), has been very instrumental in helping us develop our ladies bass rods and we are very pleased with their acceptance. We are currently working on new products for lady anglers and hope to bring them to market soon.

Denny Brauer joins the American Rodsmiths team to create the "WRECKIN' STIX" a new line of rods for flipping, pitching, Carolina rigging, football jigs, spinnerbaits, frogs, swimbaits, and big worms

Zander: So what does the future hold for American Rodsmiths?

Bob: We feel the future is very bright for American Rodsmiths. We hope our economy will recover soon and we will be able to expand our markets further. The bass community has embraced our products, and we owe a big thanks to our Pro Team for helping us get established. Our pro’s David Fritts, Marty Stone, Zell Rowland, Peter T., Kenyon Hill, Dion Hibdon, Mark Tucker, Judy Wong, Danny Morehead, just to name a few have been with us now for many years and have helped tremendously in our growth.

P.S.  We signed Denny Brauer to our team about 6 months ago, and wait till you see the new Denny Brauer “WRECKIN’ STIX.  As Denny says “ Were not catching them with these rods, were WRECKIN’ Em.” They will be available by January one, 2010.

The WRECKIN' STIX will feature both the V17 Pro Tour Grips and the company's patented ARS2 Dual Contact reel seats for increased sensitivity

Zander: How often do you personally get to get out and fish, and when you do is there a particular species you prefer to fish for?

Bob: I don’t get out to fish as much as I would like, but who does? No seriously, I do fish a great deal and living in Houston we have the best of both worlds, world-class bass fishing and great inshore and offshore saltwater fishing. I love catching Speckled Trout and Redfish on topwater while wade fishing, but my 1st love has always been, and always will be bass fishing. We have a well-managed fishery here in Texas, and you can go to about any lake in this state with expectations of catching quality largemouth.

Bob does more than fish for just bass and enjoys battling Redfish on topwater

Zander: In closing is there anything you would like to say to our readers?

Bob: Yes, I would like to say to those of you who have tried an American Rodsmiths rod “We thank you.” And for those who have not, “Give us a try”, “I promise we won’t disappoint you!”

Zander: Thanks again for your time Bob, sounds like there are a lot of exciting things are happening at American Rodsmiths from your Titanium blanks to adjustable rod lengths, and we especially look forward to seeing how V17 Pro Tour handles perform in the field. It is great to see innovation in the bass rod market, and especially innovation in ergonomics and feature set.

Bob: Thanks again for the opportunity to speak with you Zander, for listening to my ranting. Good Luck and Good Fishing in 2010.

Thanks to Bob Brown, Ric Hawthorne and the team at American Rodsmiths for inside scoop on the company. To find out more about this custom rod manufacturer you can visit their website

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