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ICAST 2021 Coverage


Stay Fresh or Get Salty with Yo-Zuri


Date: 7/22/21
Location: Orlando, Fl
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Yo-Zuri
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Just like myself, Yo-Zuri has been in the fresh and saltwater game for quite some time now. I’ve been using their Hybrid copolymer line and a few of their hardbaits religiously for many years now and have caught hundreds of fish with these products. Since their offerings cover such a broad spectrum of environments and species, it should come as no surprise they had a healthy batch of new products to show off at this year’s ICAST show.


Pro Angler Jimmy Reese shows us the new Natural Perch 3DB Jerkbait 110


Starting off, there are four new colors for both the 3DB Jerkbait 110 and 110 Deep. These colors were hand-picked by pro staff and brought to life by Yo-Zuri’s Japan design team. The latest offerings include Clown, Natural Perch, Black and Gold, and Table Rock Shad.


The new Real Colors look fantastic


Not to be forgotten, the rest of the 3DB family gets an array of new “real” colors like Real Bluegill and Real Gizzard Shad. These should be excellent choices when fish demand an ultra-realistic color scheme, such as when facing very clear water.


The colors extend through many of the bait families


An addition to the crankbait lineup is the new Hardcore 2+ 60F. This bait is designed with an internal magnetic weight transfer system for longer casts along with a rounded lip rather than a square one. The Hardcore 2+ 60F can achieve depths of 6–10 feet depending of course on casting distance and line size. Measuring 2 ⅜ inches and available in 10 colors, these will be offered at a price of $9.99.


Yo-Zuri crankbaits always look sharp but the new patterns look especially good


Looking for a new shad body crank? Yo-Zuri offers up a new option with the Hardcore Shad 60SF. This slow-floating bait is built with a weight transfer system for longer casts and swims with a tight wiggle to trigger lethargic fish. This bait measures 2 ⅜ inches, weighs ¼ ounce, and can be had in 10 color schemes all for $9.99.


New baby bass pattern


Lip-less cranks are so awesome partly because of their versatility. From jigging in deep water to ripping through grass lines, they are ideal for covering a ton of real estate and triggering bites in different water temperatures. This year, Yo-Zuri adds a new lip-less crank in the form of the Hardcore Vibe 75. Weighing a hefty ¾ ounce and offering a healthy 3 inch profile, these baits are perfectly balanced, filled with multiple rattles, and swim with a tight shimmy and plenty of sound. Choose from 10 different colors with each bait offered at a price of $9.99.


Lot's of Rattl'n Vibe patterns


Looking for something more subtle? When everyone else is throwing something LOUD, opting for a bait with a deeper, more subtle knock can be just the ticket. The new Rattl’n Vibe One Knock is built with a single knocker for a deeper sound to trigger shy bass. Perfectly balanced and complemented with quality components, they are 2 ½ inches long, weigh ⅝ ounces, and can be had for $9.99 each.


The One Knock will deliver s deeper sound


Go big with the new Hardcore Bullet Crank 7+. This beastly crankbait is said to achieve depths of up to 27 feet on 14 pound fluorocarbon and features an internal magnetic weight transfer system for those important long-distance casts when deep cranking. These baits are 4 inches in length, weigh 2 ounces, and come in 10 colors that each have a protective powder coating for extra durability. $15.99


The Bullet Crank has an internal magnetic weight transfer system and gets down deep


Fishing for explosive saltwater species with topwaters can be exhilarating...to say the least. Yo-Zuri will offer two larger sizes of the 3D inshore popper which include 3 ½ and 4 ⅜ inch versions. Made to be durable, they come equipped with either prism or 3D “real” color patterns, both of which keep their cosmetics internal with a clear coat over the top. While the clear outside of the baits can get scuffed by teeth and rocks, the actual color schemes will go untouched since they are protected inside. These new poppers will come in 14 colors with pricing at $8.99 (3 ½ inch) and $9.99 (4 ⅜ inch).


Whether it is fresh or salt Yo-Zuri has an expansive lineup of hard baits to bolster your arsenal


All the new products will be available Fall 2021.










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