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ICAST 2021 Coverage


Built to Take a Beating: Visser's New Model S Spinning Reels


Date: 7/30/21
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Visser
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Introduction: Spinning reels can often be associated with light line and finesse presentations, but that’s definitely not always the case. Some anglers, particularly those that fish saltwater, can subject their spinning reels to extreme punishment. Whether it’s tossing a bait to Keys tarpon or chucking jigs in the crashing suds for Montauk stripers, these reels need to be able to withstand whatever the fish and environment dish out.


Visser reels marks the return of famed saltwater reel designer Robert Koelewyn


Robert Koelewyn (right) has a long history in reel design creating some very well known brands that all focus on extreme durability, innovative design, and beautiful machining


Visser builds their spinning reels to excel in demanding conditions. The present lineup of six spinning reels boast such noteworthy features as fully CNC-machined parts, modular construction for easy parts swaps/upgrades, and waterproof bodies/drag systems. Although their lineup has quite a lot to offer anglers, Visser is now releasing a brand-new “Model S” lineup which will sit above the current “numbered” series.


Visser reels make use of digital CNC machined gears


Gears are isolated within a one piece aluminum alloy body that has a modular construction for easy disassembly and maintenance


Like the current series, these reels will arrive in six sizes from a No. 3S to No. 8S and will be manufactured in Visser’s Connecticut location.


Each reel is pressure tested to ensure the body is fully waterproof and shielded from the elements


An optional carbon fiber stem decreases weight while improving strength

The Visser Reel features include:

-Powerful high lift capacity stainless steel gearing
-Waterproof body machined from solid billet aluminum
-Zero deflection drive gear cradled within the main gear body
-Friction-free inline ball bearing spool oscillation system
-Dual bail spring actuators to stop accidental bail closings
-Self-centering Pentium carbon fiber waterproof drag system
-Solid titanium spool lip ring for ultimate line protection
-Titanium nitride coating on all wear surfaces
-Unique sensory comfort handle knob for extra sensitivity

Reels can be raw aluminum (silver) or anodized black for a stealthier look

The Visser reels will come in black or silver and should be available around October with pricing of approximately $780–$890. Just looking at these reels you can probably guess some of the brands that Robert was responsible for designing and Visser marks the return of a new generation of reels for the designer. These reels make use of the latest design tools and materials to create spinning reels that are designed to take on the biggest fish and harshest environments.










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