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ICAST 2021 Coverage


TackleTour ICAST 2021 Video Coverage


Date: 8/2/21 (Updated)
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Various
Reviewer: Team TackleTour

Introduction: ICAST 2021 has arrived! After a strange last year we are excited to be once again on the water and show floor here in Orlando. This year in addition to our article coverage we will also be providing Instagram Quick Hit Videos from the manufacturers and pro anglers.


Be sure to follow the TackleTour IG account for live updates as well as our Editor-in-Chief Zander for behind the scenes coverage of this year's event.


Videos can be accessed below:


Pro Angler Jessie Mizell and 13 Fishing Lunch Bug plastics


Informative Fisherman and new larger Savage Gear Pulse Tail Bluegills


Pro Angler Cody Meyer and new Daiwa Tatula Limited Edition baitcaster


Accurate Fishing launches Turn 2 conventional reels


Pro Angler Jeff Spague and Lew's Fishing Mark Rose Signature Rod


Gene Jenson and the 13 Fishing Radioactive Combos


Matt Florentino and the Award Winning Rescue Series Shorts


Pro Angler Alex Davis and Shimano World Minnow and World Diver FlashBoost jerkbaits


Pro Angler Jesse Wiggins and Jackall Bling 55 cranks


Pro Angler Dave Lefebre and the new 13 Fishing Envy Series


Savage Gear wins with the DuraTech Crab


Big Bite Baits launches Skipper Toad Buzz


Pro Angler Jimmy Reese and Yozuri new Real Color Patterns


Andrew Wheeler and the new Abu Zenon Spinning reels


Pro Angler Laker Howell and the Livingston Lures Walking Boss Part 2 Magnum Swimbait


Sunline America releases new metered fluorocarbon


Pro Angler Edwin Evers and Berkley Agent E jig/swimbait


Matt Florentino and Aftco Adapt Phase Change Performance Shirts


Pro Angler Alex Davis and G.Loomis GCX Rods


Pro Angler Scott Canterbury and Scum Frog Launch Series Frog


Pro Angler Tyler Woolcott and 13 Fishing Concept R1 Baitcaster


Pro Angler Jimmy Reese and Yozuri One Knock lipless crank


Gene Jenson and 13 Fishing Blackout Rods


Informative Fisherman and Savage Gear DuraTech Toad


Justin Poe and Ugly Stik Big Water Rods


Pro Angler Jeff Sprague and Lews Pro SP baitcaster


Pro Angler Brent Ehrler and Steez CT SV baitcaster


Pro Angler Alex Davis and Shimano Curado 150MGL baitcaster


Pro Angler Jesse Wiggins and Jackall Bounty Fish


Pro Angler Scott Suggs and Berkley Gilly


Mike Bennett and Fishlab Slamamander


Justin McClelland and Denali Android rod


Matt Florentino and Aftco Barricade Elite 4L Waterproof system


Will and Jenko Fishing Hemp Swimbait


Larry and Pflueger Supreme Reels


Ben Secrest and Accurate Knot Puller


Informative Fisherman and Savage Gear Prop Minnow


Jose Chavez and Savage Gear Swimbait New Patterns


Pro Angler Randall Tharp with Ark Essence Rods


Gene Jenson with 13 Fishing Radioactive Pickles


Pro Angler Alex Davis with the Shimano Curado Rods


Pro Angler Jacob Wheeler and 13 Fishing Jabber Jaw Deep


John Bretza and Okuma Hakai Baitcasting Reel


Pro Angler Scott Canterbury and Snag Proof Bobb's Perfect Frogs


Pro Angler Cody Meyer and the Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning Reel


Pro Angler John Crews and New Baits from Missle Baits and Missle Jigs


Marc Mills and Daiwa Flagship Steez 70


Patrick Sebile and ABOA Loader Minnow


Pro Angler Josh Bertrand and Berkley Chigger Craw


Jean Christophe and Xorus Baits come to the US


Pro Angler Fred Roumbanis and new Gill Xpel


Marc Mills and Daiwa Tatula SV Limited Reel


Pro Angler Bobby Lane and Abu Garcia Max-X Reel


Pro Angler Josh Bertrand and Berkley PowerBait Scented Jigs


Andrew Wheeler and Abu Garcia Zenon Rods


Pro Angler Bobby Lane and Abu Garcia Max Pro Reel










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