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ICAST 2021 Coverage


Quantum Refreshes the Smoke X Series of Reels and Rods


Date: 8/1/21
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Quantum
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Quantum went bold this year in the styling of their Smoke X Series of reels and rods. The refresh of the series brings some enhanced features to match up with the eye-catching new styling.


The Smoke X Series has been the workhorse for the Quantum brand and gets a major refresh this year


Smoke X Casting: Sporting a brand new finish that reminded us of military vessels the new Smoke X reels definitely have personality. Besides the fresh new finishes the new reels are built with the same core technologies that make the Smoke S3 popular including a one-piece aluminum frame, "Gull-Wing" side cover, and the company's Zero-friction pinion gear.


The finish is the most striking change and it is good to see that the frame is still made of aluminum and the ACS cast control system is still accessible externally


The new reels are built with an oversized spool and Quantum’s ACS 4.0 externally adjustable Cast Control. Each Smoke X casting reel is equipped with a carbon fiber-ceramic drag system and 9 ball bearings, and a line memo knob is located near the side of the handle to remind anglers what they have spooled on.


Paired with a Smoke X rod


The Smoke X reels felt solid in hand with their aluminum frames and weigh in at 8.3oz. The new reels will be available in 5.1:1, 6.1:1, 7.3:1. and 8.1:1 retrieve ratios for $169.99 each when they become available this Fall.


The Smoke X spinning reel also gets a complete refresh


Smoke X Spinning: Not to be outdone on the spinning side the company also launched matching Smoke X spinning rods with the same sharp looking styling. The Quantum Smoke X Spinning Reels feature the a compact aluminum uni-body construction fitted with a titanium bail wire. The new reels are designed to offer smooth friction-free retrieve and come loaded with 9 ball bearings, an ultra-balanced C4FL rotor design, and a ceramic-carbon fiber drag system that is capable of providing 16lbs. of drag pressure (25XPT size reel). The company spent extra effort improving durability on the current model with salt guard protection and the enhanced NiTi bail to deliver long-lasting performance even in saltwater environments.


A look at the gearing within the Smoke X spinning reel. This reel is rated for use in saltwater


The Smoke X spinning reels weigh 6.7oz. for the smaller 15 size, and 8.3oz. for the larger 25 size, and will retail for $159.00 when they start shipping in Fall. Both of the new Smoke X reels will come backed with a 5 year warranty.


Shane Fetty shows us the new Smoke X combo which includes an magnetic hook hanger integrated into the rod


Smoke X Combos: In addition to the new reels Quantum will also be offering a matching rod in the form of Smoke X combos. The rods match the new reels in styling and are built with IM8 graphite. There will be a finesse, cranking, and heavy power model.


The hidden magnet is marked on the blank and holds swinging hooks firmly against the blank


The most interesting part of the rods is a new magnetic hook hanger feature that works in conjunction with a regular hook hanger. When a crankbait is hooked in place the magnets that are hidden within the blank lock onto the hooks and prevent them from swinging, scratching, or tangling with other rod/setups, and making things safer for the user as the rods are stowed and deployed. 










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