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ICAST 2021 Coverage


An Array of Unique Baits from Jackall, and a Return of a Classic


Date: 7/27/21
Location: Orlando, Fl
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: 13Fishing
Reviewer: Zander

Introduction: Jackall has a vast arsenal in their JDM portfolio and often times when a new bait comes to the U.S. it has already been proven overseas. This year the company brings back an old favorite as well as two very unique options for anglers looking to present something different to finicky bass. 


The Jackall PikuPiku is quite unlike any topwater bait with a boomerang shaped slender body


I pick you Piku: The Jackall PikuPiku 78 looks like a finesse jerkbait that has melted in the sun and though it looks very unique it is designed with purpose. This boomerang shaped bait was created to unlock a new style of topwater fishing.


Pro Angler Jess Wiggins shows us the tiny PikuPiku


The PikuPiku is designed to draws strikes from bass with a distinct swimming action that creates ripples on the surface. With a few light twitches of the rod tip, the PikuPiku will move left or right. When twitched on a slackline, the PikuPiku rolls in place to draw attention to itself.


The bait will be available in an array of fish attracting patterns


This unique finesse topwater bait is designed for clear water or highly pressured fish and I can see it being effective for not just bass but also giant panfish, and even big trout that may view it as an easy meal. The PikiPiku measures 3 inches in length, weighs 1/10 ounce, and will be available in six detailed color patterns and retail for $14.99.


A look at the JDM packaging, the US version will be slightly different. Like many Jackall baits many of the U.S. products are already proven fish-catchers in Japan


Bounty Hunter: Like the PikuPiku the new Jackall Bounty breaks the mold of what you might expect in a softbodied jerkbait. The engineers at Jackall designed the Bounty Fish 158 to allow anglers to fish cover with a walk-the-dog action in a way that is impossible with hard baits.


The new Bounty is a twist on the soft bodied jerkbait with two sections connected with a nylon mesh


This soft jerkbait-styled lure features a front ribbed section that grabs water and slows the bait down during the retrieve. In the center a "Net-Joint System" helps enable walk-the-dog action and is also designed to flutter during the dead stick.


Ariel Biley, Jackall Product Manager, shows us the mesh design


The ribs on the front of the bait are massive and designed to slow down the bait quickly and create a lot of displacement as the lure is worked


Ariel at Jackall also explained that the bait can be tailored for different action and anglers can add a nail weight so that it can be fished with a slow sink to target fish with a different presentation.


The Bounty was a hot product at the show and one that a lot of anglers are interested in trying this season


While the nylon section is very tough the front of the bait is plastic and will take some damage during strikes and should be good for a few fish each. The Bounty is designed to hunt down those hard to access fish and will be available in six color patterns, each measuring 6.2 long and will retail for $9.99 for a pack of four baits.


The Bling 55 is coming back to the States!

No such thing as too much Bling: The Bling crankbait has a cult following and when it was discontinued in our region anglers stocked up and fished these baits until there was no more paint left. This season they are coming back by popular demand.


This popular compact-bodied crank features a circuit board lip and is designed to deflect hard drawing strikes


This flat-sided crankbait features a custom circuit board fiberglass lip that creates quick wobbling action and a specially-designed weight transfer system that increases casting distance while also keeping the crankbait stable during retrieves. The Bling 55 dives to depths of four to six feet on the retrieve and measures 2.2 inches in length, weighs 5/16 ounce, and will be available this Fall in eight patterns with retail price of $15.99 each.










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