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ICAST 2021 Coverage


Costa Launches Untangled 2.0 Sunglasses Made From Recycled Fishing Nets - Good for Anglers and the Ocean


Date: 7/21/20
Location: Orlando, Florida
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: Costa
Reviewer: Zander

Costa is a leader in the optics market when it comes to catering to the unique needs and applications for anglers in both fresh and saltwater. This year the company unveiled the Untangled 2.0 Collection which are performance sunglasses that are as good for fishing as they are for the ocean, as they are made from recycled fishing nets.


Costa's newest sunglasses are an even better version of their Untangled Series, which are made from recycled worn out fishing nets


Untangled 2.0: This ICAST the popular brand is launching their 2.0 Collection, which is built from recycled fishing nets and other sustainable materials like recycled aluminum logos and mineral glass (580G) lenses.


Discarded fishing nets are a very harmful form of plastic pollution in our oceans today and working hand in hand with its partner Bureo, Costa is taking discarded fishing nets and giving them a new life in its collection of core performance frames.

Costa has partnered with the Bureo team who recycle worn out plastic fishing nets in South America


The Bureo team has been working with communities in South America to provide an end of life solution for worn out plastic nets. The company started by collecting old nets in Chile and last year alone collected over 300 tons! They wash these old nets, ground them down into plastic form to create pellets that are then used for manufacturing of various products including skateboards, bike components, and Costa's Untangled Sunglasses.


Washed and ground up nets are transformed into pellets that can be used in manufacturing of other products


Ever since the original Untangled Collection of lifestyle frames debuted in 2018, Costa has been working to advance the recycling and molding techniques to build frames that are better-suited for its core angling community. The four new frames - Antille, Caleta, Pargo & Santiago -have a 100% traceable supply chain, and are built from a more durable NetPlus material that is 97% recycled fishing nets and 3% performance additive.


Jess Bryant, Costa Marketing Manager, with the new Caleta frames


The combination allows Costa to build sunglasses with maximum coverage and protection and the performance features that fishermen need for targeting their favorite species and those extra long days on the water. The updated NetPlus material is also available in three new colors - dark grey, plum and light grey.


Casey Lopez, Costa Product Manager, with the light grey Pargo frames


These are the four new frames from Costa that are launching this ICAST and the company's description for each model.


The Antille blurs the line between performance and lifestyle design and should look great from boat to bar


ANTILLE™ : Named after the 1,500-mile Caribbean island chain, the Antille frame keeps its finger on the life pulse of the ocean. With a frame made from 97% recycled fishing nets, Antille is a great hybrid performance frame style with vented nose pads and additional coverage for your eyes, so they can spot the next island, reef or siesta spot, making it as good on the water as it is for it.


The Caleta and other frames will be available in a range of lens and frame colors

CALETA™ : Taking its name from the small coves of Chile, the fluid lines and feminine shape of Caleta make it the perfect frame for the waterwoman in all of us. Wide, keeper-ready temples help reduce light leak and add a bold bit of style out on the water. More importantly, Caleta is made from 97% recycled fishing nets for frames that perform as good as they make you feel while wearing them.


The Pargo is the little brother to the Santiago


PARGO™ : Pargo is the little brother to Santiago, but it doesn’t need any help when it comes to fighting fish. Also called the Dog Snapper for their giant canine teeth and nasty attitude, Pargo rules the reefs. This frame is made from 97% recycled fishing nets with 3% performance additive for increased durability and performance on the water. With hooding and side shields, keeper-ready temples and Hydrolite® rubber, Pargo shows it’s not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the angler hooked up to the Dog Snapper.


The Santiago is the most technical fishing oriented frame with extra hooding and Hydrolite rubber grips


SANTIAGO™ : The Untangled frame style with the most coverage and “fishability” takes its name from Chile’s capital. Hooding and side shields help keep your eyes free from light leak and focused on the water. Keeper-ready temples and Hydrolite® rubber grips designed to keep you fishing no matter how rough it gets out there. And to ensure a future full of fish for our and future generations, Santiago is made from 97% recycled fishing nets. The other 3% is a performance additive that is designed to help you catch 100% of the fish you chase. Santiago is as good for fishing as it is for our oceans.

The Costa Untangled Collection is another great addition to the company's vast portfolio. These optics are designed specifically for anglers


The Costa Untangled 2.0 collection is hard launching today and will be available in the next few days for $199-$299 dollars depending on model.


All the new Costa 2.0 frames look great and so is the story behind them. Anglers can feel good about wearing a pair of optics that is not only built from recycled materials, but from fishing nets that would normally add to pollution.


It is pretty awesome that the team at Bureo continues to expand their operation and has successfully recovered over 3 million pounds since they started back in 2013, and it is companies like Costa who are providing another life for these recycled materials that are a key part of the solution.










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