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ICAST 2021 Coverage


What's in the Works at American Baitworks


Date: 7/25/21
Location: Orlando, Fl
Admission: Industry Only
Manufacturer: American Baitworks
Reviewer: Wolbugger

Introduction: Despite some of the familiar names being absent at ICAST 2021, American Baitworks was sure to attend. Home to several brands which include Halo Fishing, Snag Proof, Net Bait, Scum Frog, Freedom Tackle Corp, and STH Bait Co, it’s no wonder they had several new items to show us this year. From killer new frogs to refreshed bass rods, we dropped by to visit with pro angler Scott Canterbury to run through the latest and greatest.


American Baitworks is parent company to famous frog brands Snag Proof and Scum Frog


Snag Proof Phat Frog: Like other new frogs offered by American Baitworks, the Phat Frog is constructed using a new injection process for consistent shape and a soft, yet durable body that will collapse easily when it’s time to set the hook. When I first picked up the frog, this difference was immediately noticeable and it simply felt great. Other features and tweaks include a flatter profile for better tracking through vegetation, legs that are further to the rear for more efficient action and hookup ratios, a rear “button” weight, and a line tie that’s welded shut so there’s no gap. At the rear of the frog, there’s also a “water evacuation system” which is a large outlet that allows any water inside the frog to drain out on its own as a cast is made. The new 3D imaging printed colors look outstanding and allow for unique full-body coloration.


Excellent compression and new flatter profile

Phat Frogs weigh approximately 5/8 ounce, feature 4/0 hooks, and come in 15 color choices. Expect a price of $11.99 with availability now.


The Perfect Frog has been further refined


Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog: Named after the frogmaster himself Bobby Barrack, the Bobby’s Perfect Frog is built to come through cover but is equipped with a keel so it can also easily walk in more open waters. In addition, Snag Proof trimmed the portion of the bait the legs run through to help with both action and hookups. These soft frogs also include a fully enclosed line tie, water evacuation system, and a rear button weight to give the frog a nose-up attitude. Each frog is 3 inches in length, weighs ⅝ ounce, and is equipped with 4/0 hooks. There will be 15 colors to choose from with pricing at $10.99. Available this fall.


BASS Pro Angler Scott Canterbury show us the vast lineup of new frogs


The Scum Frog Launch Frog is designed to cast long distances


Scum Frog Launch Frog: Need a frog that will cast far? The Launch Frog is appropriately named for throwing long distances. Weighing ¾ ounce, the frog’s heft comes from a special internal tungsten weight that locks to the hook shank without adding bulk. In addition to the soft body material, you’ll find a 40-strand skirt, rear brass weight, and red 5/0 Gamakatsu hooks. Available now, pick from 8 various colors at a price of $9.99 each.


A rear bass weight improves casting and walking action


Designed to create a lot of turbulence and splash is the Trophy Series Popper Frog


Trophy Series Popper Frog: For added noise, pick a Trophy Series Popper Frog. These frogs sit lower in the water and have a cupped face to move a lot of water and cause a ruckus. In addition to popping and chugging, these baits are said to be capable of walking, too. Featuring soft plastic material, sticky-sharp Owner hooks, and 10 awesome digital color patterns, these weigh ½ ounce and are available right now for $6.99.

The company is also parent to Halo Rods and refreshes the Rave III Series


The Rave III Series gets a new blue and black finish with SiC Guides for only $69.99!


Refreshed Halo Rave III Rods: Consisting of 3 casting and 2 spinning rods, the Halo Rave III delivers new looks along with an excellent price point. Built of lightweight, responsive tournament-grade graphite, this series comes with stainless-framed SiC guides, hook keepers, and updated blue EVA grips. Most of the rods in the series are 7’0” with just one 7’2” casting model. Rave III rods are priced at $69.99 and will be available later this summer.


American Baitworks is truly a leader in hollow-body frogs and the new products bolster their arsenal of topwater weapons for the thickest cover









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