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ICAST 2011 Coverage

Triggerfish, a steerable lure, by ThinkTankLures


Date: 7/25/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: ThinkTankLures
Reviewer: Cal

The old cliche of "you have to see it to believe it" is so overused in the fishing industry, our eyes glaze over everytime someone attempts to use that line on us. Interestingly enough, I cannot recall hearing that line a single time at this year's ICAST. Perhaps the manufacturers have wised up. Ironically, there was at least one manufacturer there whose product really does bear that description. Triggerfish by ThinkTankLures is a fishing lure you have to see in the water to believe.


Introducing the TriggerFish by ThinkTankLures.


The pivoting head allows this bait to be steered while you're working it.


Triggerfish: Being part of TackleTour has its pluses and minuses when in attendance to events like ICAST. We get waved down and pulled aside into so many booths, the task to report on it all can be daunting. What's more not all of it is necessarily worthy of coverage. But when we came upon ThinkTankLure's booth and took a look at their new product, the Triggerfish, well, we were genuinely excited.


Snap that rod tip and pause, and the bait changes direction.


This is a topwater lure with a very unique ability.


The Triggerfish is a topwater lure measuring right around four and a half inches and weighing in at five eighths of an ounce. it has a minnow like profile, a rear prop, a jointed head, and a lip placed on the rear body right behind the joint. The bait's line tie is on top, right behind the joint as well. It is one crazy looking lure.

Shown here in Rainbow Trout ...

Ian Scott was there to greet us at the booth and didn't even try to explain the lure. He simply turned on the TV monitor display, restarted his demonstration DVD and asked us to watch. What we saw was a bait he was able to not just swim on the surface, but actually steer it around boulders, under docks and around pilings, and direct to hold along weedlines. You literally have to see it to believe it!

... and here in all black, the Triggerfish is available in 6 different colors.

The secret is in the bait's pivoting head. When you pause in the water, the head will turn one way, directing the lure in that direction, pause again and it goes the other way. Changes in direction can also be triggered with a jerk of the rod tip, but it's obvious this bait takes some practice learning how to drive. Nevertheless it is an intriguing bait to say the least.

Ian Scott of ThinkTankLures shows us a bait that you just have to see in action to believe.

Conclusion: Ian Scott recommends braided line only with this lure as the resistance it gives you will make it difficult to work with any line that stretches. The baits come with VMC hooks and retail for $12.99. We already have a collection of our own as we could not leave the ICAST floor without talking Ian into selling us some right then and there. We planned out our testing scheme for the Triggerfish on the flight home!









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