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ICAST 2011 Coverage

ima's Introduces new BeastHunter Crankbaits and Roumba Patterns


Date: 8/1/11
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Admission: Buyers & Press Only
Manufacturer: ima
Reviewer: Cal

One of the stops we always look forward to each and every ICAST is in the ima booth. Their Shaker and Big Stik baits are favorites among all the staff, so when it finally came time to drop in to see what was new, we were more than anxious to proceed. On hand to takes around were Jun Shoji and Fred Roumbanis.


Jun Shoji shows us his new BeastHunter mid-range crankbait


Jun Shoji introduces us to the BeastHunter Crank.


BeastHunter Crank: Jun Shoji was just as excited to see us as we were to see his new BeastHunter crank. It is a 2.64 inch (67mm) bait weighing 3/4oz (23g), and is built to run ad depths of about 10 - 13 feet on 14lb fluorocarbon. It comes with two #2 Owner hooks and will be available in six different colors.


It is designed to dive 10-13 feet deep on 14lb fluorocarbon.


Looks like Jun has been playing with the samples!


Flit 100 & 120: We still haven't made our way through the original Flit 120 nevermind the Flit 100 introduced last year, but we're excited to see the new color choices coming later this year. Both sizes in the Flit will now be available in Table Rock Shad and Boned Shad - colors that should do well at both Clear Lake and the Delta.

The Flit receives two new colors, Boned Shad and ...

... Table Rock Shad.

Other New Colors: As if that weren't enough, ima is also introducing new colors in the Big Stik, and of course, Fred Roumbanis's signature bait as well. The Roumba wake bait gets an all black and ghost perch color for 2012.

Fred Roumbanis takes us through the new colors for ima this coming year

Fred's new, all ABS Black Roumba.

The Roumba in Perch.

New colors for the Square Bill : Silver Lining, Foiled Bluegill, and Lowen's Hush Hush.

For the Big Stik, from back to front, we have the following new colors: Misty Shad, Tennessee Shad, Bone, Ghost Ayu, and Rainbow.

Fred Roumbanis of ima showing off his new color Roumba wake bait.


Conclusion: Continually upping the ante in terms of quality ima shows us what a premium lure manufacturer is all about. With traditional JDM-esque finishes and performance to match, we can see why both Fred Roumbanis and Jun Shoji were so excited over the new products. We look forward to seeing the new finishes and baits on store shelves this coming fall and working several of them into our review queue for 2012.









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